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HIKE AT INDEPENDENCE PASS! Colorado Rocky Mountain Photos - July 11, 2006

Independence Pass My buddy Mark and I headed up to Independence Pass this morning to hike up to the summit of the third mountain to the right in the background. It is a relatively gentle uphill for much of the way, with grand views of Rocky Mountains in the region.
Rocky Mountains Here is a better view of these three peaks. As of now, I do not know the names of these three peaks, or whether or not they even have names. :p)
Independence Pass The trail goes along the Continental Divide and you can see the Independence Pass parking lot in the background out there.
Snow Near Independence Pass
Skiing at Independence Pass
Yes folks, there is still some patches of snow way up here in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. As we approached the summit, we noticed these three ambitious skiers who were skiing down this long vertical patch of snow. Amazing! :)
Rocky Mountains
Mark The Nedhead
Photos of myself and Mark at the summit.

Independence Pass is located between the towns of Aspen and Twin Lakes and Highway 82 is open to traffic from roughly late May to early November.
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  • Pitkin County Side Of Independence Pass At the summit, facing north towards the Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness. That green gully on the right is the trail that leads to Independence Lake.
    Independnence Pass The summit view looking towards the Independence Pass parking lot.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    Looking towards the south and southeast, we noticed the green and round "mound" on the southern and western side of Mountain Boy Gulch. Mark and I decided our next adventure is to summit that peak, and again, it appears to be an unnamed peak. Perhaps I will name it when I arrive at its summit! ;)
    Rocky Mountains The mountains looking out towards the southwest.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    Maroon Bells and Snowmass Mountain
    Two photos facing west. In the bottom picture, the Maroon Bells are to the left and Snowmass Mountain is to the right. There is a good reason Snowmass Mountain was given that name ... just look at all the snow still up on there! :p)
    One more photo of Mark. We had a great time!

    You are welcome to comment about this hike or anything else about the Independence Pass region in Colorado on my:


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