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Imperial Rock In Fruita, Colorado

Imperial Rock
February 2013 - On a hike in Devils Canyon, located southwest of Fruita, I noticed Imperial Rock, a beautiful rock structure on a bluff. It stands at the junction of the D1 and D4 trails and is a can't-miss landmark. This rock can approached by ordinary "walk-up" hikers via the D5 trail, with an extra walk on the mesa from the other side. There also appears to be two climbing routes -- one a real climb, requiring ropes -- a short distance to the north of Imperial Rock. The seventh photo below provides what I saw.

This region is a geological continuation of what one sees in Colorado National Monument, and in fact, the more popular Cowboy Hat Tower is a relatively short hike from Imperial Rock. If you love the red rock scenery around Moab, Utah, then don't overlook what this region has to offer.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Imperial Rock, Colorado
Imperial Rock stands tall and proud.

Imperial Rock In Fruita
A broader view of the rocky and desert scenery of Imperial Rock.

Imperial Rock
The view of Imperial Rock from the D1 Trail.
Imperial Rock, Colorado
The bright blue sky is a nice contrast to the orange rocks.
Imperial Rock, CO
Facing directly up toward Imperial Rock.
Imperial Rock, CO
From one angle, I noticed a stake driven in the top of the rock. See, climbers have been up here before! :)
For those courageous enough to do a more direct and/or technical route to Imperial Rock, there seems to be two possibilities.

LEFT ARROW: It's steep, but there's a crevace where one could conceivably make it up there.
RIGHT ARROW: There is a stake for climbers with ropes.

Imperial Rock
Standing near the base of Imperial Rock. This structure is about 30 to 35 feet tall.

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