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Huron Peak - Alt. 14,003 Feet

My Hike Of Huron Peak ("Mt. Huron"), a Sawatch Mountain 14er Near Winfield, CO - July 27, 2008

Huron Peak, CO Huron Peak is a very enjoyable 14er hike in the Sawatch Mountains. In my experience climbing 14ers (I've done 15 so far), Huron Peak is near the top compared to neighboring mountains. The trail is well-maintained, has interesting scenery and variety and is not unbearably long. The views on all 14ers are picturesque, but some are definitely better than others ... Huron Peak ranks high!

Visit for quality route information. (We hiked the standard route.) Because we did not have a 4-wheel drive high clearance vehicle, we parked 0.4 miles past the Winfield Ghost Town and walked another 1.7 miles on the road leading to the trailhead.

One pet peeve: The mountain is called Huron Peak. I checked all of my topographical maps and researched on authoritative mountaineering web sites. "Mt. Huron" is not necessarily a bad name, but surely you don't term those other 14ers as Mt. Quandary, Mt. Pikes or Mt. Snowmass!

Special thanks to Megan and her dog Rider for coming along with me. I think we all had a good time. :)


Right Photo: Standing on the Huron Peak summit and facing north as a hiker walks down the trail.

Mt. Huron Camping Area We began walking from my car at 5:22 a.m. and arrived back at 12:50 a.m.

Somewhere along the road, maybe around 6 a.m., I snapped my first photo. That is Granite Mountain (alt. 12,848 feet).

Huron Peak, CO Steve Two photos above timberline, including Megan giving water to her dog and myself drinking lime Powerade. That stuff rocks the house! :)
Huron Peak
Huron Peak
Upward we continued!
Huron Peak Trail I got ahead of Megan just a short distance and thought this was a nice shot. That valley way down there is where the trail begins. Mining during Colorado's historic settlement era boomed inside Clear Creek Canyon, with the towns of Vicksburg, Winfield and Hamilton sprouting into busy towns.

Mt. Huron
Photos At The Huron Peak Summit

Yay. We made it!

Huron Peak
Megan and her dog (top) and myself standing in front of the Three Apostles. Ice Mountain is the tallest point (the center peak) and sits at 13,950 feet. I am 90% sure some form of technical climbing is required to get up there!

I was very proud to wear my fantasy football t-shirt on this hike. Last year, I finished in third place in a 20-team league. The Garbage Cans (my team) made it to the semifinals before losing to the #1 seed and eventual winner.

Lake Ann The ridge out there serves as the Continental Divide. (We were on the east side of the divide.) Lake Ann is the large, green-shaded lake to the left. The large green area with the other lake is known as Harrison Flat. Taylor Park Reservoir can be seen behind the ridge.
Sawatch Mountains Facing south. Lots of peaks out there in the Sawatch Mountain Range. Travel on Highway 24 & 285 in Chaffee County and the Sawatch Mountains look like a very thin and vertical line of mountains, but it is much wider and thicker once you get into them.
Huron Peak La Plata Peak is located on the right, the highest peak in the photo. I was up there on Thursday! :)
Huron Peak Another nice view.

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    Cottonwood Pass
    One more photo of the Three Apostles. Good heavens, it was a stunning view.

    BOTTOM PHOTO: I also included the "back side" of the Three Apostles. These peaks, on the right side of the photo, stand prominently in view from Cottonwood Pass. (Photo includes Paul in Ohio who posed after riding up the pass with the Ride The Rockies tour. See all photos here: Cottonwood Pass Evening)