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Hummingbirds In Colorado

Photos and a Video of Hummingbirds at Kent and Kim's House - July 20, 2010

Video - Hummingbirds At Two Feeders

They are noisy birds!

My friends in Granite, Colorado have three hummingbird feeders at their home. Over time, a large number of hummingbirds have come around and put on quite a show during the daylight hours. No doubt, their speed and nimbleness is spectacular, but "cute" is not a word I would use to describe these birds. If you watch closely, they are intense, acting as bold and fierce competitors toward one another.

Adjacent is a video of the hummingbirds eating from two feeders.

Lastly, below are my nine best close-up photos of the hummingbirds. You can also see my pictures of hummingbirds in St. Elmo from two weeks ago.

-Steve :)

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Photo Gallery
This hummingbird with light green feathers posed quite nicely for me.
Fluttering his wings.
A beautiful shot!

Watching from a window indoors, four hummingbirds enjoy nectar from a feeder.
A feeder on the west side of the house.
I snapped so many photos in rapid succession, hoping to have a few good ones ...
... and this one, with the hummingbird on the right, ain't too shabby.

Another close up.
Beautiful violet feathers on the neck of that hummingbird.

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