Cycling Hoosier Pass

Cycling on the East Side of the Divide - Fairplay to Hoosier Pass
Hoosier Pass is a great mountain pass for cyclists. It is also on the famed Trans-America Bicycle Trail, a cross-country route. Today I biked from Fairplay to Hoosier Pass, a reasonable eleven mile ride (one way) with a 1500 foot gain in elevation. Note that for the final four miles of steep climbing, there's little shoulder. Most drivers in Colorado are tolerant and courteous toward cyclists though, and everyone gave me ample room when they passed.

Hoosier Pass, Colorado
Drizzling rain and 52 degrees at the summit of Hoosier Pass. And it was September 6! Dress and prepare accordingly.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Bicycle Trail


September 6, 2014 - There is a bicycle trail between Fairplay and Alma that runs beside Highway 9.
Fairplay Bike Trail

Fairplay, Colorado

And the mountain scenery is spectacular! That's the Mosquito Range out there.

TOP: White Ridge, Mount Sherman and Gemini Peak are all on the far left.

SECOND: Another mountain view.

Alma, Colorado

Alma, Colorado

Alma T-Shirt

Alma, Colorado

Alma is a high-elevation mountain town in Park County. The altitude is 10,758 feet -- that's twice as high as Denver.

Inside the Al-Mart General Store, I spotted this t-shirt. Yes, the whole town is high. :)

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  • Breckenridge & Dillon Sign Beyond Alma, the harder climbing begins.

    Note that you could hit Breckenridge and Dillon on the other side.

    Yellow Leaves The fall colors season is in its early stage. Here was some pretty foliage.
    Hoosier Pass, CO Four miles to Hoosier Pass. Wear bright colors and stay right.
    Mt. Bross & Mt. Lincoln The stunning view of 14ers Mount Bross (left) and Mount Lincoln (right).
    Hoosier Pass, CO Getting closer. Pretty mountains.
    Cycling Hoosier Pass


    Hoosier Pass - Elevation 11539 Feet

    Yours truly at Hoosier Pass.

    It turns out the spot was named after mining workers from Indiana.

    Mt. Bross and Mt. Lincoln On the way down, the sun shined nicely on Mount Bross and Mount Lincoln.


    On top of Hoosier Pass.

    The bicycle trail.

    Fall colors. Here's a longer video in Fairplay. :)

    Resting on Highway 9.

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