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Hop Gulch Railroad Trestle Site - Buena Vista, Colorado

Mountain Photos Along Chaffee County Road 304, The Old Midland Railroad Grade

The Railroad Bridge Site Over Hop Gulch
Located at the end of Chaffee County Road 304 (the former Midland Railroad grade) is a site from Colorado's storied railroad history. The foundation from a railroad trestle that once spanned across Hop Gulch remains in Buena Vista.
Hop Gulch Railroad Trestle
The magnificent bridge across Hop Gulch.

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Midland Hill, CO

December 4, 2010 - My excursion began in Johnson Village. Adjacent is a shot of Midland Hill. If you know where to look, you can see a few spots where a horizontal line goes across the base of the mountain, the grade of the historic Midland Railroad.

Colorado Rocky Mountains To get there, turn at the Collegiate Peaks Overlook (west of Johnson Village) on Highways 24 and 285. Then turn right on the road on the right side of this photo.
Chaffee County Road 304 That will take you to Chaffee County Road 304, as seen here. This is the old railroad grade.
Mt. Princeton By the way, this is a popular place for photographers. The views to the west of Buena Vista, the upper Arkansas River Valley and the Sawatch Range are stunning. Also, note that lighting is usually best in the morning when the sun is to your back (east).

Adjacent is a photo of Mt. Princeton.

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, CO Main Street

Nice views of Buena Vista. I zoomed-in on East Main Street in the second photo.
Chaffee County Road 304 Continuing on the old railroad grade. There are many sections for a car to do a three point turn, but you'd be crazy to tow a trailer or RV on this road.
Midland Railroad Grade Then suddenly, the road dead ends at Hop Gulch.
Hop Gulch, CO

Hop Gulch Railroad Bridge

A sign with information about the former railroad trestle.

The bridge stood until World War II when they were dismantled due to the high demand for iron.

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  • Hop Gulch, CO Looking across Hop Gulch.
    Hop Gulch Railroad Trestle Site The original foundation of the bridge.
    Myself chilling out with my coffee. :)
    Colorado Mountain Scenery

    Facing northwest, the grand view of the upper Arkansas River Valley with Mt. Yale (left of center) and Mt. Columbia (right) behind. That river is the Arkansas River with Hop Gulch's creek flowing in from the bottom right.

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