New Jersey High Point - High Point State Park

Our Visit To High Point State Park In Northern New Jersey - November 20, 2007

High Point State Park, NJ Being that I'm a Coloradan, during my visit to New Jersey I felt compelled to reach a high point or summit of some kind. Thus, on a foggy day my friend Bernie and I traveled to High Point State Park. The highest point in New Jersey sits at an elevation of 1,803 feet in the northernmost corner of the state.
High Point State Park, New Jersey
High Point State Park, NJ
High Point State Park, NJ
High Point State Park, NJ
The state park is located in the township of Wantage in Sussex County.

Like I said, it was an unusually dreary and foggy day which made for some interesting photography.

There were autumn foliage colors. With the mix of snow and fog, the fall leaves made for some nice photos. Adjacent are four semi-decent ones.

Lastly for those who might be researching New Jersey's high point from a hiking standpoint, there is no need to hike or climb to the top. One can practially reach the top by car.

Snowy Rock A rock with a layer of snow and some leaves on top of it.
High Point Monument, NJ High Point Monument, NJ
High Point in New Jersey
There we were at the New Jersey high point!

There is a tall monument dedicated to those who have served in the U.S. military. The tower was closed durin our visit, but at least we had the entire place to ourselves.

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  • Bernie Doyle It was really cold up there and I captured a shot of Bernie rubbing his hands together with intensity.
    Love this! Bernie made a snowman and then did his best imitation of the snowman's features. He even resembled the snowman's arms!

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  • High Point State Park, NJ Not far from the monument was a rocky ridge that appeared to be higher than the ground of the monument. So this particular spot that I'm pointing to very well might be the highest point in New Jersey.

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    New Jersey Signs
    High Point State Park, NJ Wantage, New Jersey New Jersey Sign
    On the way out of the park, we stopped and captured photos of road signs. Yes, these photos are strange.
    By the way, I do not recommend banging your head against anything. :o)

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