Greenhorn Mountain (Elevation 12,352 Feet)
The Pueblo County, CO High Point

The Top Peak In The Wet Mountains
Greenhorn Mountain (elevation 12,352 feet) is the highest point in Pueblo County and the Wet Mountain Range. If you drive at all on Interstate 25 between Pueblo, Colorado City and Walsenburg, you'll see the range to the west. Greenhorn Mountain displays its summit just above timberline. On this page are photos from my hike on a summer day.

Directions: As crazy as this sounds, I won't bother to try to give directions. All I'll say is at the hairpin turn on State Highway 165 (about one mile north of Bishop Castle), turn west onto the dirt road as if you're headed to the Ophir Campground. One mile in, make a left on a road that'll take you about ten miles in. Then, at an intersection of four dirt roads, make another left and head for another 14 miles. You'll see all of this if you search for "Greenhorn Mountain" online or on you smart phone. Lastly, my Honda Civic made it just fine on those dirt roads.

Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado
The view of Greenhorn Mountain from Interstate 25, north of Walsenburg.

Rye, Colorado
Facing the Wet Mountains in the town of Rye. The summit of Greenhorn Mountain is one of those snow-covered points.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi, a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Greenhorn Mountain, CO


July 17, 2016 - My first photo was taken at the Upper Greenhorn Trailhead. You can take the road (which is closed to traffic) or head up the trail. I chose the trail.
Colorado Mountain Scenery

Wet Mountains, CO

While it was mostly sunny, the views were hazy due to the Hayden Pass Wildfire that continues to burn in the Sangre de Cristo Range.

Still, the scenery to the west was amazing. I couldn't quite locate Gardner or Westcliffe, but they were out there somewhere.

Greenhorn Mountain, CO

Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado

TOP: Moving forward.
SECOND: The view looking back.

There was so much haze that I couldn't get a decent shot of the Spanish Peaks to the south. This was so disappointing, but maybe that means I'll have to come back for another outing. :)

This hike was not too shabby...

Greenhorn Mountain, Colorado Once you hit the ridge, there are peaks to the left and right. Go to neither of them! Instead, make a hard right and go up the hill... and once you're over, you'll see the summit to Greenhorn Mountain.

There are my legs and feet. I could easily see Colorado City and Rye. Unfortunately with the haze, I just couldn't see Pueblo in the distance or much else.

Greenhorn Mountain, CO Another summit shot.
Marmot On the way down, I saw my first marmot of the year. :)
Colorado Wildflowers

Columbine Flowers

The wildflowers were thriving.

I'm not sure about the top purple flower, but the second is named a columbine, Colorado's state flower.

An invitation to read my memoir, the story of my first bike across America trip ...


Beautiful Colorado scenery.

The butterfly at 0:08 was nice. :)

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