Mount Princeton

Grays Peak (14,270') - Torreys Peak (14,267')

Photos and Video: My Hike of Colorado 14ers Grays Peak and Torreys Peak

Grays Peak and Torreys Peak
Grays Peak and Torreys Peak

July 22, 2010 - Today I hiked both Grays Peak and Torreys Peak via the standard route from Stevens Gulch. This is a very popular hike, especially for those living in Denver and the Front Range who desire to summit a relatively "easy" 14er. The photo above shows the trail with Grays Peak (left) and Torreys Peak (right) on this beautiful morning.

Directions: Travel on Interstate 70 to Exit 221 in Bakerville. Go south on Stevens Gulch Road to the trailhead. Although today I reached the trailhead by driving carefully in a low clearance 2WD passenger car, a 4WD vehicle is recommended. As always, I recommend you have a quality topographical map with you whenever you're hiking in the mountains. Visit for more information about this standard route and other interesting routes to these peaks.

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I was on the trail by 6 a.m.
Grays Peak and Torreys Peak Grays Peak and Torreys Peak come into view.
Grays Peak, CO Coming closer to Grays Peak.
The trail to the saddle has a large patch of snow and ice that has refused to melt. This reminded me of poor Phil who struggled across a massive snowfield while coming down Mt. Sherman last month. :)
Torreys Peak, CO At the saddle between Grays Peak and Torreys Peak, the view looking toward Torreys Peak.
Grays Peak, CO The remaining climb to the summit of Grays Peak.
Colorado Scenery Near the top, I had this grand view of Stevens Gulch and the surrounding mountains. Much of the trail can be seen in this photo.

Grays Peak, CO
Grays Peak - Elevation 14,270 Feet

I must say, Grays Peak from Stevens Gulch is near the top of my ranking of the "easiest" 14ers. Climbing at this altitude is hardly a breeze, but compared to all the others, it sure felt like it. I would rank this peak close with Mount Sherman as a good choice for someone first starting out with 14er climbing.

Colorado Mountain Scenery Looking down toward a few hikers with grand mountain scenery.
Colorado Mountains Kelso Mountain (13,164 feet) in the foreground looks like a nice mountain to climb sometime.
Colorado Rocky Mountains A zoom-in of a variety of peaks to the northwest. Mt. Shiktau, the pointed peak on the right (direct sunlight on it) is a 13er that I plan to ascend soon from Loveland Pass.
Torreys Peak, CO The view of Torreys Peak from Grays Peak. Now I must tell you, I did not feel too well as I sat on Grays. In fact, the sight of Torreys Peak played a role in dissuading me. I decided to hike down to the saddle and then decide whether to climb Torreys Peak when I got there. Well, I started to feel better as I came down Grays, and I can tell you that this view of Torrey Peak makes it look much steeper and intimidating that it actually was.
Colorado Mountains Facing south, a grand view of Colorado mountain scenery.

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  • Torreys Peak
    Torreys Peak - Altitude 14,267 Feet

    Photo taken near the top of Torreys Peak.

    Torreys Peak, CO At the summit. By the way, I received so many comments from people about my Arkansas Razorbacks hoodie. :)
    Torreys Peak, CO It was only 9:45 a.m., and already clouds were beginning to roll in.
    Grays Peak The view of Grays Peak.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains Today I met a guy who bravely ascended Torreys Peak via the Kelso Ridge. He said it was "good class III climbing." I am not sure I am as brave as him to take this route, but it can be done.
    Gray Peak Trail Looking down at the gulch and much of the trail. The long mountain surrounding the gulch is McClelland Mountain, with the highest point being 13,587 feet. Ah, there are so many mountains to climb, and so little time! :)
    Colorado Mountains One final shot of mountain after mountain toward the northwest.

    Grays Peak

    It's like being in another world when you're at 14,000+ feet. :)
    Torreys Peak

    The summit views on Torreys Peak rank high among its peers.

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