Grand Junction and the Grand Valley

Western Colorado has a lot to offer ...
For thirteen months (October 2012-October 2013), I lived in the Grand Junction area with the town of Fruita as my home. On this page are all of my hikes and photos of the region known as the Grand Valley. Many of my outdoor activities have taken place in Colorado National Monument and the McInnis Canyons area, and I also created a page dedicated solely to Colorado National Monument. Also, with Utah so close, there is a seperate page for Moab and Arches National Park as well as the San Rafael Swell.

Mount Garfield Colorado
Photo Above: Mount Garfield (elevation 6,765') is north of Grand Junction and stands as a landmark for travelers on Interstate 70.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Colorado National Monument - My index page with all photos, hikes and places to see in Colorado National Monument.

(Colorado National Monument has a seperate page.)

Miracle Rock Colorado Miracle Rock - A unique rock with a fitting name in Glade Park.

Also nearby are the Potholes of the Little Dolores River.

Mike The Headless Chicken Mike The Headless Chicken - A metal sculpture on Aspen Street in Fruita. Mike The Headless Chicken in the inspiration for an annual town festival in May. :)
Devils Canyon D5 Trail - An excellent loop trail above a canyon rim in the Devils Canyon region, south of Fruita.

Kodels Canyon K1 Trail - A hike in this elaborate trails system.

Also, a drive on 21 Road, north of Fruita and Grand Junction.

L Mountain - Loma, Colorado's pride and joy is the large "L" made of white rocks on a peak known as L Mountain.
Trail Through Time - 1.6 mile interpretive loop trail in Rabbit Valley, where dinosaur fossils were found.
Snow Photos - A variety of snow scenes and snow photos around Fruita, Grand Junction and Colorado National Monument.

Also Colorado winter snow photos in January 2013.

Cowboy Hat Tower Cowboy Hat Tower - A unique rock structure in the Devils Canyon area near Fruita.

Also nearby is Devils Canyon and Imperial Rock.

Gazebo in Fruita, CO Fruita Christmas Lights - The town's Christmas lights and displays in Fruita.

ALSO: I made 9 videos of holiday lights one night in Fruita. :)

Riggs Hill, Colorado Riggs Hill - A easy hike in the Redlands area of Grand Junction.
Grand Junction, CO Extra Scenery Photos - Extra "bits and scraps" photos from Oct/Nov. 2012 of the Grand Junction region.
Opal Hill, Colorado Opal Hill - An easy hike southwest of Fruita is Opal Hill (4,768 feet).
Dinosaur Hill - The site of an interesting dinosaur fossil find on the south side of Fruita.
Douglas Pass - The scenic mountain pass north of Loma and Fruita in western Garfield County.
Welcome To Colorado Colorado Welcome Center - Exit 19 in Fruita. Right off the highway. You need to visit!
Rabbit's Ear Trail Rabbit's Ear Trail - The loop trail around Rabbit's Ear Mesa in the McInnis Canyon National Conservation Area.
Mount Garfield, CO Mount Garfield - An enjoyable two mile hike to Mount Garfield, a landmark in Grand Junction.
First Week Photos - My pictures of Fruita and elsewhere in the Grand Valley during my first week living here.

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