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Graham Gulch Trail - Twin Lakes, CO

A Hike Between Twin Lakes, CO and Independence Pass In Central Colorado - July 13, 2011

Graham Gulch Trail
It was late afternoon and I had to spend some time in the mountains. It was too late to climb a peak, and so I studied my topographical maps in search of a simple trail I had never hiked. My quest led me to the Graham Gulch Trail, located between Twin Lakes and Indepdence Pass. The turnoff for the trailhead is near milemarker 68.

All in all, this hike was far from enthralling. The trail was formerly a logging road, and most of the ruts still remains. I rarely enjoyed trails that were once roads. The trail travels approximately two miles (one way) and ends near timberline. This trail is useful for reaching the Continental Divide and the base of Ouray Peak, and it would seem like an interesting winter option for snowmobilers, cross-country skiiers and snowshoers.

Graham Gulch Trail
A nice photo of the Graham Gulch Trail.

Graham Gulch Trail, CO
My Hike

Truly, I don't want to knock the Graham Gulch Trail. Any time spent in the mountains is a wonderful thing, right?

Having said that, I found this trail on the boring side. Let's put it this way: This hike reminded me of Indiana. You're probably only there because you're traveling through to somewhere better.

Graham Gulch Trail7 Beautiful forest surrounding the trail.
Creek A creek runs nearby.
Ouray Peak, CO

I reached a clearing near timberline. The lighting for photography was horrible - a mix of sunlight with thick clouds covering much of the sky.

Top: I do believe that is Ouray Peak (alt. 12,957 feet).
Second: I think that is a nameless ridge that's part of the Continental Divide in the 12,000-12,500 ft. range.

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    La Plata Peak, CO

    Returning to the trailhead, two photos of mountains including La Plata Peak in the second.

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