Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Scenic Bicycle Trail In Glenwood Springs
June 1, 2013 - Glenwood Canyon is one of the prettiest places in Colorado. For those who've driven through the 13-mile canyon on Interstate 70, most would agree! What many don't realize is that there's a bicycle trail that runs with the highway through the canyon. As a road cyclist, I highly recommend this trail: Five stars for scenery. Not too hard. Not too easy.

Directions: In Glenwood Springs, travel east on East Sixth Street past the Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Hot Springs and Yampah Hot Springs. Then the bike path begins at a gate. (If you start from the other side, get off at Exit 133 [west of Gypsum] and take the frontage road four miles to the eastern side of the canyon.)

Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail
The beautiful canyon walls of Glenwood Canyon, Interstate 70, the Colorado River and cyclists on the trail.

Glenwood Canyon Bicycle Trail
My trusty 2008 Trek 1.2 on the Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Yampah Hot Springs


Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This first shot was taken on Sixth Street. Glenwood Springs is a popular vacation destination for its hot springs, whitewater rafting, scenery, location near ski areas and being such a lovely mountain town.

The second photo shows the Yampah Hot Springs. Beyond this is the start of the trail.

Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail Arrival!

The Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail.

Note that this trail is also accessed by pedestrians, and they have the right of way. Be courteous. Be careful. There are many sections of trail where it's dangerous for you and others to fly by like a hot shot road biker.

Glenwood Canyon History

Glenwood Canyon Map

At the start is a sign with a map and the canyon's history.
Glenwood Canyon Bicycle Trail The trail runs beside Interstate 70.

Glenwood Springs Interstate 70

A bridge crosses the highway and travels through Horseshoe Bend.

On the bridge, here's the view of the Interstate. I'm glad the Glenwood Springs sign is included. :)

Glenwood Canyon Past Horseshoe Bend, the trail goes through the unincorporated neighborhood named No Name, Colorado. Yes, that's it's real name! :)

Beyond No Name, the trail is well-marked the entire way. During the summer, you'll see many rafters on the Colorado River.

Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail I found myself constantly stopping to take pictures of the beautiful canyon. Ahhh!
Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail Such a pretty shot of the trail and canyon.
Near the Shoshone Hydro Plant, the trail goes under boths ramps of Interstate 70.

This is also a popular place for rafters to enter the river.

Glenwood Canyon Bicycle Trail And then the trail rose and was even with the highway.
Glenwood Canyon, Colorado Notice the four modes of transportation in this photo.

1. Cars and trucks on Interstate 70.
2. A bicyclist on the far left.
3. Whitewater rafters on the Colorado River.
4. The train on the right.

Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon Farther up the canyon, the water flow gets rough. The Shoshone Dam and Hanging Lake Trailhead is ahead.
A sign for the Hanging Lake exit.
Hanging Lake Trailhead Parking Lot

Steve Garufi Bicycle

Hanging Lake Trailhead and Parking Area

Interstate 70 travels through a tunnel and suddenly Glenwood Canyon became quiet.

Hanging Lake is an extremely popular hike in Western Colorado. On a Saturday afternoon in June, the place was packed!

I always look so damn happy in my photos, don't I?

Without the highway in sight, a nice and relaxed shot of the canyon.

Glenwood Canyon Colorado The lighting was poor for picture-taking, but oh this was pretty in person. :)
Bair Ranch, CO At Exit 129 is the Bair Ranch exit.

This sign for the Golden Bair Sheep Ranch caught my eye. If you're interested in a guest ranch with old western-themed BBQs and such, this might be your place! :)

Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail It's 13 miles through the canyon. This was in the final mile, as I biked east.
Eagle County, Colorado I crossed into Eagle County.
End of Trail And then I was at the end (or beginning) of the bike trail. The road in the foreground is the frontage road; you can access it via Exit 133 in Dotsero.

Beside me, as I snapped this photo, was a gravel parking lot for those accessing the trail.

Interstate 70 in Glenwood Springs, CO It was a glorious ride back. More downhill than uphill for sure, but some work required. Adjacent is one final photo as I approached Glenwood Springs.


Biking on the trail.

Enjoying the beauty of the river.

Under Interstate 70.

Roaring section of the river.

My favorite video. Four minutes on the east side of Glenwood Canyon.

The best way to enjoy the scenery is via the Interstate, because you don't have obstructions above. In 2012, I made a drive-thru time lapse video. :)

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