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Gary Johnson For President

It's been a crazy presidential campaign, and I will not remain silent.

I endorse GARY JOHNSON for president! The Libertarian ticket gives us two successful and thoughtful two-term governors from New Mexico and Massachusetts. This is a viable ticket that's getting 10% in national polls. Learn more about them at

Gary Johnson for President

Friends, nearly everyday I converse with someone who is appalled over the choices we have in Hillary and Trump. We do have a third choice. The more I learn about Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the more I like them.

My favorite campaign ad is this one. Please watch:

I could never vote for Hillary Clinton for all the obvious reasons.

As for Donald Trump, if you have followed my tweets and personal Facebook posts, you know I've been on record all year that I think Trump is a DISGUSTING RACIST and a buffoon. He really does remind of George Wallace, murderous third-world dictators, fascists, and yes, even Adolf Hitler. I unequivocally condemn all of his hateful and insensitive remarks he's made towards the disabled, women, minorities, and others. Donald Trump is a dangerous narcissist who has no business being a leader of anything.

Someday if I make it to old age, and I'm asked how I responded to Trump in 2016, I want to tell them that I fought with all my heart against his candidacy and the repugnant things he stood for.

Thank you for reading. Please vote for Gary Johnson. The latest poll in Colorado has him at 16%. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I'm hopeful maybe -- just maybe -- he will win a few states like my beloved Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Who knows? Maybe Johnson and Weld could win it all. Let's hope they can make it into the debates.

All my love,
August 26, 2016

Gary Johnson for President Colorado

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