Buena Vista, CO

Garufi Point - Buena Vista, Colorado

Scenic Hill and Overlook of Arkansas River Valley Near Chaffee County Road 304

Garufi Point - Elevation 8,376 Feet
Garufi Point is a beautiful spot. A faux hike. A tiny hill dwarfed by larger mountains. But a special place nonetheless.

Okay, okay, let me have my fun. Today I hiked to the top of a small hill east of Buena Vista, Colorado. Because it didn't have a name and I liked the spot, I gave it a name: Garufi Point. According to my topographical map, this point is 8,376 feet in elevation. That's not shabby! :)

Garufi Point
When I know the GPS coordinates, I will post them on this page. In the meantime, above is a good photo from U.S. Highway 24 (south of Buena Vista). My photos and directions below should help you get there if you dare to stand on this esteemed point.

Garufi Point, Colorado
Me on Garufi Point during a summer evening in July 2012.

From Garufi Point, this is the grand view of Mount Princeton..

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Twitter - Facebook - Pinterest - YouTube

Garufi Point, CO Where is Garufi Point?

Garufi Point is the teeny tiny pointy hill in the adjacent photo. See the road cut to its immediate left? That is Chaffee County Road 304. (Photo taken on Highway 24 in Buena Vista.)

All of the photos in this section were taken during my visit on April 16, 2009.

Chaffee County Road 304 Directions: From Johnson Village, travel east on Highway 285. Turn left on Chaffee County Road 304 (the same turnoff for the Collegiate Peaks Overlook). Travel on County Road 304 which eventually turns left onto the old railroad grade as seen in the adjacent photo.
Garufi Point, CO I did not measure the distance, but the adjacent photo shows Garufi Point coming into the view on the right from Chaffee County Road 304. Yay!
Chaffee County Road 304

Chaffee County Road 304

This road was once the old railroad grade for the Midland Railroad and leads to the Hop Gulch Trestle Site.

When I approached this curve in the road, Garufi Point was directly to my right!

Midland Hill, CO I parked past the narrow section of road. Not a shabby view of Midland Hill from this spot! :)
Barbed Wire Fence It was a short hike, but there are some steep spots. Near the summit is this old barbed-wire fence. Garufi Point may be located on private property, but I just pretended this was the Wild West - maybe 1873 when this valley was Ute Indian territory and buffalo herds roamed freely! ;)
Garufi Point

Garufi Point!

There I am at the summit. And not looking stylish.

Garufi Point is a beautiful spot. A faux hike. A tiny hill dwarfed by larger mountains. But a special place nonetheless.

Buena Vista, CO

Garufi Point, CO

Mt. Princeton, CO

Three photos of the views looking west toward the Arkansas River Valley.

TOP: Facing northwest with the town of Buena Vista in view. Mt. Yale and Mt. Columbia are two 14ers in the background.

MIDDLE: Facing west. Bald Mountain and Sheep Mountain are in the center.

BOTTOM: Facing southwest. 14ers Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton are in view.

Sangre De Cristo Mountains So many great views at Garufi Point!

Facing south, I zoomed-in on the Sangre De Cristo Mountains way out there. Sugarloaf Mountain is the dark green lump of a mountain in the center.

Facing SSE with Chaffee County Road 304 in the foreground.
Johnson Village, CO I zoomed-in on the lovely village known as Johnson Village.
Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton, CO

I captured two photos of Mt. Princeton and one of these will make it on my Mt. Princeton web site.

The second photo of Mount Princeton was taken on the way down Chaffee County Road 304.

Enjoy the scenery. :)

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