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Fruita Canyon In Colorado National Monument

The Fruita Canyon View Area; Photos of Fruita Canyon, Rim Rock Drive and Balanced Rock

Welcome to Red Rock Canyon Country ...
September 19, 2012 - I visited Fruita and Grand Junction for two days and had the morning free to explore Colorado National Monument. I suppose the Fruit Canyon View is a less-popular overlook on Rim Rock Drive, but who cares? Fruita Canyon deserves a tribute page.

Fruita Canyon, Colorado
Above: The breathtaking view of Fruita Canyon with Balanced Rock perched on the right.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Colorado National Monument Sign


From the west entrance of Colorado National Monument, Rim Rock Drive ascends into Fruita Canyon.

(In the adjacent photo the road travels to the right of the broad vertical cliff.)

Fruita Canyon View The Fruita Canyon View.
The towering west side of the canyon.

These orange and red canyons are quite similar to the general topography of Arches National Park and the red rock lands of southern Utah.

Balanced Rock

Colorado National Monument Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock

Two photos of Balanced Rock. (Not to be confused with the Balanced Rock in Arches National Park.)

TOP: My zoom-in photo from the Fruita Canyon overlook.

SECOND: The view of Balanced Rock as I sat in my car at the sharp switchback inside the canyon.

Fruita Canyon Colorado A photo of Fruita Canyon earlier in the morning.

I did not like the lighting and shadows, and so I hiked the Canyon Rim Trail and Window Rock Trail (near the visitor center) and then returned.

The large photo at the top of the page is better, isn't it?

Rock Rim Drive It had been 10+ years since I visited Colorado National Monument. Adjacent is one of my old photos where I included the tall red rock cliff and my Honda CRX. Sweet memories!

Do check out my Colorado National Monument photos in 2002.

Building Rim Rock Drive

Helpful signs with pictures and information about how Rim Rock Drive was built in the first half of the 20th Century.

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