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Scenic Drive In Four Corners USA - Me and Dave Ortiz

A Drive In The Four Corners Region
I was with Dave Ortiz in Farmington, New Mexico, and he wanted to take me for a drive into the heart of the Four Corners Region. Really, my photos and videos below are not a big deal for the standards of this website, but there were many personal and sentimental moments on our drive. Maybe I'll explain in the caption area. :)

Welcome to Colorado
Dave and I posing at the "Welcome To Colorado" sign. This is about a half mile from the Four Corners Marker.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Navajo Reservation, NM


June 11, 2015 - From Farmington, we traveled west on Highway 36 on the Navajo Reservation. Our first destination was Ship Rock -- on the left in the distance.
Ship Rock, NM Somewhere on Highway 13, we pulled over to snap picutres of Ship Rock (elevation 7178 feet). My camera was not functioning well. This is an image that Dave took and sent to me.
Dave Ortiz There he is ... Dave Ortiz.

This is THE Dave of "Under a Triumphant Sky" fame! If you've read my memoir, you may recall my bicyclist friend who was the only person to join me on my bike across America expedition. Dave rode with me one day around Magdalena and Socorro in New Mexico.

Arizona State Line

New Mexico Rainbow

We headed west to the Arizona state line, just a few miles west of Beclabito, NM.

Right there was a beautiful rainbow.
A New Mexico rainbow!
It's only fitting that I wore my New Mexico t-shirt. :)

Mountains Across the highway are the Carrizo Mountains. Those are located in Arizona, even though the New Mexico sign is present in front.
Teec Nos Pas, Arizona

Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

We traveled west to Teec Nos Pos, Arizona.

This town brings back memories. In the mid-1990s, a few times I explored northeast Arizona. Once or twice I visited Immanuel Mission, which is about 6-8 miles south of Red Mesa. There's a Christian school and some community resources at the mission. Another time, Dave Hodge and I visited Grand Falls, a spectacular desert waterfall on the southwest end of the reservation. (I believe Leupp is the nearest town.) Anyway, I've never forgotten the unique name of this village and the few times I've driven through. It was good to be back.

Desert Desert scenery from the passenger seat.
Four Corners USA We got to Four Corners -- the actual spot where there's a marker and you can enjoy the novelty of being in four states at once. Dave and I were disappointed that they were now charging $5 per person, and so we turned back. We didn't want to spend the money for a place we've been to before. And let's face it, it's the type of place where you're only there for about 15 minutes anyway!

Instead, here's a 2003 photo of the marker from my Bike Across Colorado trip ...

Four Corners Marker

Welcome to Colorado Sign A short distance ahead and near the San Juan River is the Colorado state line.

Since my move to Albuquerque on May 1 (of this year), this was my first time back in Colorado. Sure it was in the faaaaaaaar southwest corner of the state, but that still counts for something. :)

Church Rock, Colorado I've always been enamored by Church Rock on the Ute Reservation.
Colorado Scenic Drive We drove into Cortez and headed east to Durango. A simple mountain view from the highway.
Tamales with Red Chile My last image was taken at a Mexican restaurant in Durango. A plate of two tamales with red chile and a cheese enchilada with green chile. It was so good!


The only non-Not Too Shabby video shows Ship Rock.

Oh yes, I'm proud of my New Mexico t-shirt. :)

The Animas River in Farmington.

Arizona state line.

The weather was wild that day.

The Continental Divide on Highway 550 near Cuba.

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