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Fitzpatrick Peak - Elevation 13,124 Feet

Our Climb of a Colorado 13er on the Continental Divide and Near Tincup Pass

Fitzpatrick Peak
Sam and I hiked Fitzpatrick Peak, one of many Colorado 13ers in the Sawatch Range that doesn't get a lot of attention from the climbing community. Speaking for myself, this is a beautiful mountain and an excellent moderate hiking choice if one starts at Tincup Pass. Enjoy my photos!

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google Plus

Boulder Mountain Colorado
Photo Above: Fitzpatrick Peak on a sunny day in June.

Tincup Pass, CO June 23, 2012 - We began at Tincup Pass by driving the 4WD road from St. Elmo. At the pass, Fitzpatrick Peak is the peak on the left, and we had a mere 970-foot elevation gain from this starting point.
Trail Suggestion: If you begin at Tincup Pass, you can go completely around the Unnamed Mountain ~12750' that's directly west of the pass. I know this because I went up and over the mountain ... only to hike way back down.

Adjacent is a photo from the Chaffee County side of the pass. I marked with arrows the social trail that runs along the greenery at the mountain's base. If I did this hike again, I'd certainly take this trail to the ridge. Obviously, you'll see all this on your National Geographical (Salida, St. Elmo, Mount Shavano) topographical map.

Tincup Pass

Mirror Lake, CO

As we climbed up this unnamed point, the views were indeed nice.

TOP: Facing back down toward our Jeep at Tincup Pass.

SECOND: The grand view of the valley and mountains on the Gunnison County and west side of the pass. That road leads to Mirror Lake (right of center) and eventually Tincup.

Fitzpatrick Peak Colorado While way up on this unnamed mountain, it became clear that I had wasted a lot of energy trudging up this mountain, and then there was a steep and unnerving descent down the ridge. You've been warned! :)

Having said that, the view of Fitzpatrick Peak continued to get better.

Trail At the saddle, we saw the trail that lead to this point. We certainly took the trail on the way back!
Colorado Wildflowers

Colorado Wildflowers

Sam Palpant

Colorado Wildflowers

We stopped a few times to enjoy the wildflowers.

Sam was so enamored by these wildflowers, that I had to get a photo of him photographing this violet one.

Steve Garufi Snowball What would a Colorado mountain hike be without wonderful snow that hasn't melted yet? :)

The snow was perfect for making snowballs, although it was very cold to handle with bare hands.

Fitzpatrick Peak

Tincup, Colorado

The Summit of Fitzpatrick Peak

The views on Fitzpatrick Peak were nice. Adjacent are two photos to the north.

In the second photo, I zoomed-in as much as possible ... we could see the town of Tincup.


Tincup Pass, CO

To the northeast, the view toward Tincup Pass. Emma Burr Mountain (13,544') is the largest peak in the center.

In the second photo, I zoomed-in as much as possible on Tincup Pass. It was only a 1.5 mile hike one way to reach the summit.

The easterly view that included Mount Princeton (left) and Mount Antero (right) out yonder.
Facing southeast, some of the mountains that are part of the Continental Divide.
To the southwest, the view of Cumberland Pass Road and rural mountain terrain in Gunnison County.
Napoleon Mountain, Colorado Facing west, my map notes the beige mountain directly across the road is Napoleon Mountain (12,563 feet).
Glass of Wine

Steve Garufi

A glass of wine and token photo of me on the summit.
2002 Jeep Cherokee

Colorado Solar Energy

Back at the pass, I want to say "thank you" to Ted and Margot of Colorado Solar Energy for generously loaning their Jeep Cherokee so we could make it to Tincup Pass. Neither Sam or I have a sturdy 4WD high-clearance vehicle

By the way, I do endorse Colorado Solar Energy. They are experts in the field of alternative energy and can help your home or business use less oil and gas and become more energy efficient. They install solar panels and wind turbines -- it's fascinating stuff. Learn more at their website:

Tincup Pass 4WD Road One photo of the mountains as we worked our way back to Buena Vista.


The mountain scenery and wind at the summit.

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