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The Fisher Towers In Moab, Utah

My Hike On The Fisher Towers Trail; Photos of Climbers, Gigantic Rock Towers and Utah Scenery

Spectacular Rock Towers in Southeast Utah
The Fisher Towers stand like behemouths among the scenery on Highway 128, and a 2.2 mile trail goes along the base of the towers, weaving its way in and out. The massive rock towers are also popular for climbers who dare to ascend rocks named King Fisher, Ancient Art, Cottontail Tower, Echo Tower and the Titan. It may sound trite, but you must see the Fisher Towers in person. Go. This is a special place among the many gorgeous canyons, arches and rock structures around Moab, Utah.

Directions: The Fisher Towers are located off of Utah State Highway 128, between Cisco and Moab. There is a dirt road (okay for a 2WD vehicle) that leads about one mile to the trailhead. You can also search for "Fisher Towers Utah" on Google maps to find it.

Fisher Towers Trail
The rock in the foreground is named the Cobra, with the Fisher Towers behind. Be prepared for scenery like this throughout the trail.

Ancient Art Fisher Towers
The Fisher Towers Trail runs along the base of this distinct vertical rock. That odd shaped point at the top is known as Ancient Art.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Fisher Towers Sign


Approaching the turn off for the Fisher Towers on Utah State Highway 128.
Fisher Towers Utah The view of the Fisher Towers from Highway 128. This is what you'll see on the south side of the highway.

The tallest rock on the right is named The Titan.


Fisher Towers Hiking Trail

At the trailhead.

It is a 2.2 mile hike on a well-marked trail.

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  • Utah Desert Scenery

    Utah Scenery

    Pretty desert scenery at the beginning of the trail.
    Fisher Towers Trail

    Fisher Towers Utah

    Fisher Towers Utah

    Nice views of King Fisher (left). The four pointed rocks are named Ancient Art.
    Ancient Art Fisher Towers Trail

    Fisher Towers Utah

    Ancient Art

    That squiggly rock at the top is probably the most well-known among the Fisher Towers. Yes, climbers do ascend to the top of that rock, and this was featured in a recent Citibank TV commercial. :)

    Here it is ...

    Ancient Art Fisher Towers Utah Looking straight up at Ancient Art from the south.
    Fisher Towers Utah Another view of Ancient Art.

    I'm telling you, the red rock scenery is spectacular. :)

    Fisher Towers Utah As I hiked farther on the trail, here's a look back at Ancient Art (left) and King Fisher (right).
    King Fisher and Cobra

    Cobra In Fisher Towers

    The Cobra At The Fisher Towers

    This smaller rock is named Cobra. It looks funny, doesn't it?

    At the bottom, in the climbing section, I included a photo of someone who reached its top.

    Cottontail Tower, UT Looking directly up at Cottontail Tower.

    In some ways, these towering rocks reminded me of the tall buildings in New York City.

    Cottontail Tower and Echo Tower A better and sunnier view of Cottontail Tower (left) and Echo Tower (right).
    Steve Garufi Utah The rock on the left was so tall!

    In fact, scroll down two photos. Can you see the people on the bottom left of the trail? That'll give you perspective on the size of the Fisher Towers!

    Ladder The ladder may look scary, but it's easy to get through.
    Fisher Towers Utah

    Fisher Towers Utah

    Fisher Towers Utah

    Three more photos of those towers.

    TOP PHOTO: Hikers stand on the trail in the bottom left.

    (Click any image to view it at a larger size.)

    The Titan The north side of Titan Tower.
    Titan Fisher Towers Utah Climbers Fisher Towers

    The Titan at Fisher Towers

    With the sun at my back, here's a better photo of the Titan.

    Notice the climbers on the right side of the rock.

    Fisher Towers Utah The Fisher Towers. So pretty.
    Colorado River, UT The trail continues toward an overlook with views in all directions.

    Here's the view toward the Colorado River and the Book Cliffs afar.

    Trail Ends

    Fisher Towers Hiking Trail

    The end of the trail.

    A token photo of me. I'm telling you ... even since my first visit to Moab, Utah in 1994, this region has captivated my soul like no other. Do check out the Fisher Towers for yourself!

    Tribute to Climbers of the Fisher Towers
    As I researched the Fisher Towers, I found many online images of crazy people climbing these rocks. Below are three photos of peoples' impressive accomplishments. These images are owned by their respective owners and a link to their website is posted.

    Kyler on the top of the Cobra. Image by Kyler Deutmeyer's Tumblr page.

    Ancient Art

    A girl named Breanna on Ancient Art. Great job! Image by Fun Climbs Around The World.

    The Titan

    Last but not least is Brian on the top of the Titan. Craziness! How the heck did you get up there???
    Image by Brian In The Wild. Do check out his photos of this particular climb.

    My Videos

    Pretty desert scenery.

    Near the beginning.

    The scenery gets better.

    Ancient Art in all her beauty.

    In the heart of the Fisher Towers.

    A good view of Titan Tower.

    Great view of the Fisher Towers and the Titan.

    The end of the trail.

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