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Fireworks Show - Buena Vista, Colorado

My Photos of Fireworks on July 4

Fireworks July 4, 2006 - I snapped pictures of the Buena Vista, Colorado fireworks show. It was very good!
Fireworks Sometimes the shutter speed was very slow, and some of the shots are shaky. Nonetheless, I think many of these are pretty. :)
Fireworks It brought back memories of my photos of the 2004 Manitou Springs Fireworks Show
Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Three more.
Fireworks Ooooooooooooooooh!
Fireworks Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Fireworks A star?
Fireworks Fireworks Now this was an interesting one. At first, it looks like a breakfast biscuit, but as it dissappated it looked like the planet saturn with the ring around it. :)
Fireworks Nothing beats fireworks.
Fireworks A bright pink one.
Fireworks The show took place at the Chaffee County Rodeo Grounds, a short distance outside of Buena Vista.
Fireworks Bright and pretty.
Fireworks Orange and red.
Fireworks Fireworks The finale was great. In the left picture, the exposure held for really long which created the funky, shaky effect. In the right photo, doesn't it look like a person with a large head, a body, arms and two small legs? I see it. on Facebook

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