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Fantasy Football Shirt 17 Days In Row For Good Luck

(Steve Wears Gray T-Shirt Each Day At Work; Co-Workers "Grossed Out" - December 17, 2010)

Fantasy Football At Work

BUENA VISTA, CO - Can you imagine wearing a t-shirt for 17 straight days?

Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi has shown his dedication by wearing his "lucky shirt" 17 consecutive days in preparation for this weekend's battle in the semifinals of his fantasy football league. His 10-3 Garbage Cans play the 8-5 Radiators, with the winner proceeding to the championship game.

"It all comes down to this. I'm determined to bring a world championship to Buena Vista!"

Steve has continually wore his gray t-shirt he won in 2007, and believes it will help him have more "mojo" for the big weekend matchup.

However, co-workers began making fun of him when they noticed him wearing the same shirt day after day.

"Does that shirt smell? Have you washed it?" asked Tessa. (Steve refused to answer the question.)

Geni, the head administrator, said Steve wearing the t-shirt over and over again was the "final straw" for her.

"We have a pool to see what would be the first day Steve wouldn't talk about fantasy football during a workday, and it hasn't happened yet."

Fantasy Football Game According to Steve, his fantasy football league is a "big deal" with 14 teams in the league. This has been his best season ever, with his Garbage Cans finishing in first place at 10-3. He also won the Garbage Slam Bowl, the famed rivalry between himself and the Phoenix Slam, managed by Phil Ladden in Phoenix, Arizona. In his semifinal matchup, he must overcome key injuries to Aaron Rodgers and Antonio Gates. He plans to start Michael Vick, Roddy White, Jeremy Maclin, Ahmad Bradshaw, Ronnie Brown, Owen Daniels, Shayne Graham and the Dallas Defense.

If the Garbage Cans win the title, Steve plans to have champagne and sparkling cider poured all over his head like champions do in other professional sports. Also, students in middle school and high school in the small mountain town will be permitted to take a day off school to celebrate a first-ever Garbage Cans championship.

"Nobody gave me a chance at the beginning of the season. Everyone talked down to me like I was stupid. People said I had a 'man crush' on Ahmad Bradshaw, but I'm just a great evaluator of talent. Look at me now, I've got the #1 seed and I'm a power to be contended with in the playoffs."

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