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2011 Fantasy Football Draft Order

An All-New And Oh-So-Exciting Way To Determine This Year's Draft Order - June 2011

Video - 2011 Fantasy Football Draft Order Ceremony

Go Garbage Cans! Go! Go! Go!
This year's #cgleague fantasy football draft order was determined with ping pong balls. Special thanks to Lisa and Rich in Victor, Colorado for hosting this riveting ceremony! :)

Steve and Lisa
Photos By Rich

The opening with the 14 marked ping pong balls on the table.

Steve Garufi The bingo ball holder gave the ceremony a lot of flair! :)
Lisa picks a ping pong ball ...
Fantasy Football Draft Order ... and another.
At the beginning.
Steve and Lisa At the end.

What the heck happened to my hair?! :p)

On Main Street in Victor with two final ping pong balls.

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