Mount Princeton

Fairplay, Colorado

Photos of Fairplay, The Mountains and South Park on a Winter Day

Scenic Drive - Buena Vista To Fairplay
South Park Colorado

January 17, 2012 - It was a day where I forced myself to have a day off. It was a mental health day that required that I get out of the house too. And so I went on a scenic drive over Trout Creek Pass, from Buena Vista to Fairplay and acted like a tourist in Fairplay. As you'll see on this page, I photographed the snow, mountain scenery and things around town.

The picture above, which was one of the first I snapped as I came down Trout Creek Pass, is my favorite. Nothing beats snow and winter in Colorado!

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Buffalo Peaks Colorado The Buffalo Peaks to the west as I traveled north on U.S. Highway 285 toward Fairplay.
Snow Blowing Across Road It was windy! Snow blows across the road.
Fairplay, Colorado

Fairplay, Colorado

Fairplay, Colorado

Although I snapped many pictures in town, I especially like ones where there's an inclusion of mountains in the background. Adjacent are two examples.

TOP: Traveling into the south edge of Fairplay. Mt. Silverheels (alt. 13,822') stands tall and proud.

SECOND: Not sure which mountains/peaks those are, but I believe they are 12ers and 13ers near the Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross group.

Park County Library The Park County Library is located in this very old and historic building. Pretty cool!
South Park City Museum

Fairplay Colorado

How Fairplay Got Its Name

South Park Characters

TOP: One block over from the main road are shops and businesses. There is also the South Park City Museum, an outdoor attraction with a number of historic structures. In the summer, many of the buildings are open for people to enter. For more information about South Park City, their website is

SECOND: I've never been inside the hotel, but I like the largeness of the sign. It's so "big city" in such a small town like Fairplay. :)

THIRD: An interesting story about how Fairplay got its name.

FOURTH: Fairplay is located in a large region known as South Park. Yes, there really is a "South Park" in Colorado that encompasses the high elevation plains of Park County. Many businesses and even the chamber plays up the South Park TV show notoriety.

Speaking of South Park, I think my all-time favorite episode is Free Hat. Below is the first minute of it! :)

You can watch the entire episode here.

Mountains I traveled a short distance north out of Fairplay toward Alma. Here's more of the mountain scenery ...
Colorado Rocky Mountains

... Inside that canyon (in the center) leads to Kite Lake and the most common trailhead to the trails for 14ers Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross.
Mt. Sherman Colorado As I was leaving, I stopped south of Fairplay to capture this scenic mountain shot.

If you've hiked the section of the Mosquito Range, you may recognize White Ridge (left), Mt. Sherman (center) and Gemini Peak (right).

Some of my climbs in this particular area:

  • White Ridge - Gemini Peak - Mt. Sherman
  • Mt. Sherman Climb With Phil
  • Horseshoe Mountain
  • 14er Mount Democrat In the distance to the northwest, a clear shot of Mt. Democrat.

    A token shot of myself. It was so good to get out.

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