Elk Herds in Buena Vista, Colorado

Elk and Deer in Buena Vista, Colorado
March 2014 - In the first quarter of the year, I've captured photos of the elk herds around Buena Vista, Colorado, and it's time to show them off. Also included are two photos of deer, both taken from my home. (Personally, I don't get excited about deer, but some do.) Lastly, you're welcome to visit my Wildlife Photo Directory.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Chaffee County, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Elk in Buena Vista, Colorado
An elk herd on the Game Trail subdivision with Mount Columbia in the background.

This group of elk watched me with vigilence.

Deer Herd
A group of deer from my bedroom window.

Colorado Deer
This fellow was sitting at the base of my other bedroom window. Mount Princeton is in the distance.

Colorado Elk Herd
There is an elk herd that spends much time south of Buena Vista, and can be seen sometimes along Chaffee County Road 321.

Elk in Winter
A snowy scene with elk on a January winter day. Triad Ridge is the mountain out there.

Elk Herd
This is the only photo that was not taken in 2014. These are elk crossing Chaffee County Road 339 in March 2009. All photos from that day: Elk Herd.

Not Deer or Elk, But a How About Young Bighorn Sheep?

I appreciated their presence, uphill from the Cottonwood Hot Springs on Chaffee County Road 306. :)

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