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El Paso County High Point - Pikes Peak (Elevation 14,110 Feet)

Bagging it as a Colorado county high point can feel anti-climatic ...
After hiking to the Teller County High Point in the Devil's Playground, I finished the drive on the Pikes Peak Highway. Pikes Peak receives so much worldwide admiration, as it should, but one overlooked fact is that it's the high point of El Paso County, Colorado. From Monument to Colorado Springs, from Fountain to the Black Forest, and from Green Mountain Falls to Calhan ... you're above everyone while on Pikes Peak! :)

Steve Garufi at Pikes Peak
Photo Above: Yours truly at a Pikes Peak sign.

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Cog Railway Tracks
August 3, 2012 - I didn't take many photos at Pikes Peak. A rainstrom and dark clouds were rolling in, and being that I'd visited Pikes Peak so many times, I didn't put much effort in my photography.

More scenery photos from Pikes Peak:
  • Pikes Peak Highway
  • Pikes Peak Hike Via Barr Trail

    Adjacent photo: the end of the Cog Railway tracks.

  • Pikes Peak Trail Barr Trail. 13 miles to Manitou Springs.

    Colorado Springs From Pikes Peak Nice views of Colorado Springs.

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