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Echo Canyon Trail In Colorado National Monument

The hiking options are abundant in Grand Junction, Colorado ...
The trailhead for the Echo Canyon Trail is near the east entrance of Colorado National Monument and shares the same starting point as the Devils Kitchen Trail and Serpents Trail. This is an enjoyable and moderate hike (1.3 miles one way) that offers a variety in scenery. Enjoy my photos and videos below.

Echo Canyon Trail, Colorado
Fall colors and tall rock walls inside Echo Canyon.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube



October 31, 2012 - Information at the trailhead. Of course, you should have a detailed topographical map with you. I did notice that the Colorado National Monument map that's given to visitors does not mark this trail.
Echo Canyon Trail, CO Mountain scenery at the start of the trail.
Echo Canyon, Colorado The Echo Canyon Trail and Old Gordon Trail are together for awhile, and then after a fork, the trail enters the base of Echo Canyon.
Echo Canyon Colorado The fall colors were especially nice. :)

My photos of fall foliage on the western slope in 2012:
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    Echo Canyon Colorado National Monument

    "Echo Canyon" is probably the most common name for a canyon in the western USA, but yes, it does echo in there. Watch the videos below to hear it. :)

    Adjacent photos show the heart of the canyon.

    Your average tall rock wall.
    Echo Canyon Colorado National Monument

    Echo Canyon was a tricky place to photograph. The lighting seemed horrible most of the time.

    However, this cottonwood tree with bright leaves was dazzling. :)

    Echo Canyon is a box canyon with an intermittent waterfall at the end. Adjacent is a bad photo of the top of the would-be waterfall. I'll be back when water is running!


    The beginning of the trail.

    Showing you the canyon. Does it echo? :)
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    More of the scenery.

    Far into the canyon.

    So sorry for the singing. :)

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