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Dutchman Arch In The San Rafael Swell, Utah

For those of you who can't get enough of Utah's arches ...
Although Arches National Park is the best place to see arches, there are a plethora of other arches throughout Utah. A tour of Dutchman Arch in the San Rafael Swell region is worth your time, and you can combine it with your visits to nearby Head of Sinbad, Buckhorn Wash and other sites on Temple Mountain Road. Regarding 2WD / 4WD / high clearance issues: There were a couple of bumpy spots that required that I go slow, but I made it just fine in my 2WD Honda Civic.

Directions: Google maps marks the route perfectly. Search for "Green River, Utah to Dutchman Arch." On Interstate 70 (from either direction), turn off at exit 131, then travel on the dirt roads to reach the arch. The entire route can be seen on the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Topographical Map named San Rafael Swell #172.

Dutchman Arch, Utah
Me at Dutchman Arch. That will probably be the only time I'll stand on an arch! :)

Photos and video by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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San Rafael Swell, Utah

Utah Ranch

Highway Underpass

On the way there ...

TOP: From Green River, Utah, I traveled west on I-70. Those rock shapes of the San Rafael Swell are so striking.

SECOND: After exiting the Interstate, a group of livestock watched me drive past. :)

THIRD: Approaching the bypass that goes under I-70. North of the highway, the road is narrow and the sand is a little softer, but I had no difficulty reaching the arch. From the bypass, you're only about a half mile away from the arch.

Dutchmens Arch, Utah By the way, there's some confusion about the official name of the arch. My map names it "Dutchman Arch" and that seems to be the most popular name on the Internet. However, the sign here names it "Dutchmens Arch" and I've also seen the variation of "Dutchman's Arch."

My understanding is this arch was named after a Dutchman who settled in the vicinity in the 19th Century. A fitting name, I guess.

Dutchman Arch, Utah

Dutchman Arch

There she is, Dutchman Arch.

I don't know much about geology, but it's made of a sturdy beige rock.

Dutchman Arch Utah There are many natural places to sit and enjoy the arch. This would be an excellent place to bring the family and have a picnic.
Dutchman Arch, Utah

Dutchman's Arch Utah

Two photos of the back side of Dutchman Arch.

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  • Dutchman Arch, Utah After enjoying Goblin Valley State Park and Little Wild Horse Canyon in the two previous days, my stop at Dutchman Arch made for a great trifecta in southeast Utah.


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