Driving In Snow - A Colorado Driving Adventure

Snow is wonderful and magical. Just be careful driving in it ...
January 4, 2014 - I needed to get my car to the nearest Honda dealership and today had an appointment with Burt Kuni Honda in Denver. At 4:45 a.m. I left Buena Vista where there was no snowfall, but when I reached Fairplay, it had begun to snow and it snowed harder as I drove to Denver on U.S. Highway 285. With the roads messy, I could only go 25-30 mph which made it a 3.5 hour drive. Ugh! Anyway, after my successful visit at the dealership, I was more relaxed and snapped pictures of the snowy road conditions.

Driving in Snow
A mix of snow and ice on Interstate 25 southbound between Castle Rock and Larkspur.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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Driving on Snow

Snowy Highway


I opted to take a different route to go home, because I didn't want to drive over Kenosha Pass. Instead, I headed south. The first two photos were taken as I approached Castle Rock on Interstate 25.

Snow Driving Conditions I stopped in Colorado Springs for two hours, then I continued west on U.S. Highway 24 (adjacent photo) through Manitou Springs.

This route, by the way, is the same one when I made a photo gallery of snowy road conditions from seven years ago.

Driving in Snow Lots of snow on the road between Woodland Park and Divide.
Driving in Snow Pretty snow and scenery as I was approaching Florissant.
Snowplow Truck
A C-DOT plow truck at Wilkerson Pass.
The snowfall got more intense as I drove closer to Wilkerson Pass. Below is a short video showing how heavy the snowfall was. It was on the scary side, to be honest! :o)

Buffalo Ranch Snowstorm A herd of buffalo doing their thing in Park County.
South Park, CO Road

Snow Driving Conditions

The long drive from Wilkerson Pass to Hartsel was harrowing. Visibility was below average. When an oncoming car passed me, a large cloud of windblown snow would temporarily drop my visibility to almost zero. Adjacent are two eerie shots of the snowy road.

The amusing thing is all precipitation was gone once I crossed into Chaffee County, and the roads in Buena Vista were bone dry! Just crazy.

Extra Videos

A burrito at a Chipotle in Colorado Springs.

Snowing at Garden of the Gods.

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