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Drama Queen Day 2010 - Stand Against Drama Queens!

New Decade Begins With Anti-Drama Queen Candlelight Vigils To Celebrate This Holiday - January 29, 2010

2010 Drama Queen Day

Happy Drama Queen Day! This annual holiday started in 2002 as a sarcastic way to mock troubled drama queens who couldn't hold it together on my old discussion forums in the '00s. Over time, the holiday has grown in scope and celebrants to acknowledge the rest of us - those who tolerate drama queens on a daily basis! Participants light candles with their friends and family, and as a community we focus on making a strong stand against drama queens and their behaviors.

Do you tend to walk on eggshells around drama queens? Are there people in your life where the littlest thing might set them off? Perhaps you work with an annoying drama queen who is always make a huge deal to the detriment of everyone else. Or maybe you live with a drama queen in your home, and you suffer in vain because you're forced to interact with them regularly. Well friends, this is your holiday! This is your one day to TAKE BACK lost ground against drama queens!

Below are a small number of photos of anti-drama queen candle vigils that happened throughout the world for this year's Drama Queen Day holiday. From my heart to yours, I wish you had a blessed and merry Drama Queen Day. This holiday is a big deal - it is like the "Christmas of this web site." Speaking for myself, it is an annual day where I feel fired up and fully alive. Next year, please join us in lighting a candle. We are against drama queens!


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Drama Queen Day
Anti-Drama Queen Candlelight Vigils

Deb in Tallahassee looks down on her candles while hoping and praying drama queens would "see the light" and stop their ridiculous behavior.

Drama Queen Day Drama Queen Day Leyna (left) and Glenda (right) hold their candles as a daughter-mother combination. They are against drama queens, and specifically when they "go batty" on others and either stab friends in the back or defame the character of people.
Drama Queen Day Kelley in Georgia declared she has a "positive spin" on Drama Queen Day. Instead of focusing on the many, many negatives of drama queen behavior, she chose to wear colorful and cheerful clothing that would be a soothing and positive example for drama queens.
Drama Queen Day Cheryl, an owner of a bed & breakfast in Colorado, stated she thinks drama queens should shut their mouths, take their meds and spend more time doing fun things like traveling and staying at peaceful B&B's. Then they might not be so unstable and erratic in their behavior.
2010 Drama Queen Day Kent and Kim gaze at their mulberry scented candle with the hope that drama queens would seek counseling so they could have greater abilities to control themselves if their posting on an Internet forum is deleted.
Michael Naegele 13-year-old Michael admitted he has "immaturity problems" from time to time with his social skills, but even he knows not to post crazy and out-of-control things on an online discussion forum at 2 a.m!!! That's just plain sad and pathetic if you do that.
Candle Light Lora in Mississippi lit ten candles that represent ten particular people in her life who "ought to be on the Jerry Springer show ... those drama queen bitches!"
Drama Queen Day Chasity chose to light a tall and black candle. She believes the black color represents the sadness and emotional discombobulation (sp?) that exists in a person immediately before a drama queen meltdown!
Lori in Tampa, Florida told me her digital camera wasn't working and she couldn't photograph herself holding her candle. She became a little dramatic about it, but then she "caught herself" and calmly stated last year's photo could be used. (Adjacent is a 2009 photo.)

It's such a shame drama queens don't catch themselves when they become worked up ... then they act like idiots! :(

Amy in Denver said she could "totally relate" as I told her awful story after awful story of what I've experienced with drama queens over the years.
Three Dogs Three active and playful dogs in Kansas take a moment to stand solemnly by a candle.
Steve Garufi Yours truly. Friends, be assured that as webmaster of ColoradoGuy.com, I will always "fight the good fight" against drama queens. I'm confident that maybe - just maybe - someday we will live in a drama queen free world!

Have a blessed, merry and joyful Drama Queen Day! Light that candle and know you are not alone! :)

Previous Drama Queen Days

Drama Queen Day has been celebrated by thousands of people on five continents since 2002. It has also been covered in news print and radio. Thank you for celebrating this holiday with us and making a strong stand against drama queen behaviors!

Adjacent are two images from previous Drama Queen Day holidays.

LEFT: 2009 Drama Queen Day
RIGHT: 2007 Drama Queen Day

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