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2009 Drama Queen Day

A Holiday Dedicated to Mocking Drama Queens & Supporting Those Who Have To Deal With Them - February 6, 2009

Drama Queen Day

Happy Drama Queen Day! Come celebrate this ever-growing holiday by lighting a candle and *making a strong stand* against troubled drama queens. This is your holiday to mock and make fun of them. This holiday also honors and recognizes those of us who tolerate them regularly.

Over the years, so many friends, neighbors and acquaintances have shared their stories and experiences with drama queens. I know a lot of men who foolishly married or dated unstable drama queens. Others face the painful reality of having a co-worker or boss who is a total drama queen. Still others have sons or daughters who act like drama queens. Good heavens, there are so many drama queens! Well, that is why this holiday exists. Drama Queen Day... Light a candle and be united with all of us in saying "NO" to their impulsiveness, annoying behavior and drama!

The Origin of Drama Queen Day

I created this annual holiday because I needed an outlet to declare to the world that I am very much against drama queens and the crap they have pulled on my forums! For years, I have owned and managed discussion forums on this web site. Most of the time positive and interesting discussions happen, but occasionally a "drama queen" incident would arise. The most common characteristics of these people on forums are: Those with mental illnesses (such as borderline personality disorder), lonely and emotionally troubled middle-aged women and those with poor Internet communication skills and etiquette.

I could write many stories about the pettiness, trouble and dissention I've seen drama queens create on my forums. Common drama queen behaviors include (but are not limited to): 1) An indignant person losing their emotional balance because I deleted their inappropriate post. Oooh ... they just can't get themselves out of their tizzy!; 2) A person "stomping off in a huff" over something stupid and announcing to the forum community they are leaving - to create drama and attention for themselves; and 3) A disgruntled forum visitor sending a mass e-mail to others "telling all about the forum administrator" that maligns my character. Sometimes a new forum is created that encourages regulars to visit there instead. Oh please!

As forum administrator, I want to renew my 100% commitment to upholding fun and enjoyable forums. I know the vast majority of my visitors conduct themselves without a problem on the forums, but the reality is there will always be a fringe 1-2% of the population that will be a problem.

As long as there is breath in my body, I will give it my all in doing whatever it takes to keep emotional troubled drama queens off my forums. I will never be perfect in how I manage, confront and eventually ban drama queens, but it is not in my genes to back down. I have no problems being the "bad guy" when necessary.

To The Drama Queens...

If you are a drama queen and you are reading this, everyone who participated in this holiday has a message for you:

We will mock you.
It is so much fun to make fun of you.
We do respect and care about you as a person... but that does not mean we will tolerate your behavior. Ever!

Take a deep breath. Walk away from your computer. Get back on your meds. Go to bed at a normal hour. Develop friendships in your real life. Make better life decisions. Only YOU can stop your drama!

Friends, have a wonderful Drama Queen Day. Below is a photo gallery of those who participated in anti-drama queen vigils throughout the world! If you get a chance, light a candle. You are not alone in what you're going through with the stinkin' drama queens in your life!


Anti-Drama Queen Candlelight Vigils

Lisa in Victor, CO, is a forum administrator herself who could completely relate to forum experiences of manipulative and pathetic drama queens "running a forum through the mud."

Drama Queen Day Cheryl in Washington holds her candle hoping the mockery of drama queens might prompt them to think twice about their sad behaviors.
Marcus and Lacey Marcus and Lacey, owners of a local gym in Buena Vista, CO, wonder if regular exercise and improved physical fitness would help drama queens think more clearly about how stupid they can be sometimes.
Drama Queen Day

Drama Queen Day

Glenda's family in west Texas (all three photos) hold their candles to show support for Steve's zero tolerance policy toward drama queens when they cause problems on his forums.
Drama Queen Day Monique participated in an anti-drama queen candlelight vigil in Savannah, Georgia. She said there are a lot of bitter middle-aged women that she knows that she considers drama queens.
Against Drama Queens The Naegele kids, three sibilings in Buena Vista, CO, hold candles because they know there's nothing worse than a out-of-control drama queen posting inappropriate things on a forum at 2:30 a.m.
Drama Queen Day Sharon and Craig in Florida hold candles with the hope that drama queens will seek the help they need by seeing a counselor or a mental health professional in their area.
Drama Queen Day Chris in Buena Vista, CO pondered about what the deeper issues are that drive drama queens to be so volitle and unstable during difficult times.
Drama Queen Day 2009 2009 Drama Queen Day Two pictures of me holding candles during local candlelight vigils.

I posed somberly and thought about the really hard fought battles during intense "drama queen blowouts." I think I deserve a medal or two for some of the stuff I had to go through to clean up my forums.

Wild and emotional drama queen blowouts have transpired four times in this history of this web site: Summer 2002, December 2003/January 2004, August 2004 and November 2005.

Drama Queen Day The spirit of drama queen day shines in the smile of Lori in Tampa, Florida.
Bernie Bernie in New Jersey is an expert on drama queens. He has looked forward to celebrating this holiday all year.
Amy in Kansas is a long-haired beauty who thinks drama queens need to spend less time on the Internet.
Kelley in Georgia listened to Steve rant (with quite a few swear words sprinkled in there) for an hour on the phone with stories about what drama queens have put him through over the years. She lit a candle to show her support.
Jon Radli holds up two candles on the night before Drama Queen Day ... Drama Queen Eve!
Sharon, a childhood friend, was 100% behind the idea of promoting and spreading this holiday!
Drama Queen Day An array of small candles in my kitchen make things bright among darkness. Symbolically, this holiday is a light in a huge dark abyss of unstable drama queens who seek to do damage!
Hot Dog Candle I saved my hot dog candle, which I received as a Christmas gift, just for this special holiday.

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