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The 4th Annual Drama Queen Day!

The Holiday Where Us Stable People Make a *STRONG STAND* Against Drama Queens - February 16, 2007

Candlelight Vigil HAPPY DRAMA QUEEN DAY, my friends! This ever-growing annual holiday first began four years ago as a way to reflect upon the times unstable drama queens have wreaked havoc on the Colorado Guy forums. It is quite a battle to keep my forums fun, friendly and enjoyable, and on this special holiday, I am renewing my resolve to make a strong stand against drama queens and to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep them off my forums!

If there is one common characteristic of all drama queens, it would be this: Drama queens create huge problems out of seemingly nothing and come off as unstable, unpredictable, and well ... dramatic.

As this holiday has grown, I have heard from so many of you who have had negative experiences with drama queens. Perhaps you have a spouse, co-worker or significant other who acts like a drama queen. If so, this holiday is for you! I encourage you to take advantage of this holiday by lighting a candle and say "no" to drama queens and their ways. Please know there are so many of us who tolerate drama queens and their behaviors; You are not alone in your suffering!

Now if you are reading this and you are a drama queen ...

We will ignore you.
We will laugh at you.
We will do our best to tolerate you.
We will forgive you.
But we will never forget your drama queen behaviors, nor will we ever tolerate your "drama", manipulation and attempts to gain pity and attention.

The picture collection below shows just a small percentage of those who participated in nationwide and international anti-drama queen candlelight vigils that transpired during the week. Enjoy them!

Have a wonderful Drama Queen Day! I hope your day is filled with sanity and stability and may the forums remain fun, friendly and drama queen free! I'll see you on the Friendship Board! ;)


Leader Singer of "Maniacal" (Jesse Cortese) Kicks Off Drama Queen Day - Warns Of Dating Woes

Jesse Cortese Ah ... drama queens! I really do have an issue with this and am honored to be a part of this year's Drama Queen day. Hats off to Steve Garufi for the idea.

In my personal experience (correct me if I am wrong), dramatic people tend to be very insecure. Everybody who has dated a drama queen type of person knows exactly what I'm talking about. They need constant affirmation of who they are because in all reality they do not know. Their identity changes almost as much as their mood. If the bottomless pit of their need for attention is not being met, they are almost certain to cause drama.

I have seen my buddies go through this with woman after woman. These are great guys who constantly get run over time and time again and don't even have a clue as to what the problem is. I grew up in a family where all of the women were very grounded and would take life's curveballs in stride.

Here are a few red flags to look for if you are thinking of dating someone:

1. If daddy fixes everything, pays for everything, and that is pretty much all his role consists of ... watch out!!

2. If she can go from being the girl of your dreams to a demonic being from the underworld in 2.5 seconds because you answered something you don't even understand incorrectly ... watch out!!

3. If there is a constant need for attention from the opposite sex to prove that she's still "got it" ... watch out!!

4. If mind games and guilt trips are a major part of your relationship ... watch out!!!

Seriously, it's worth it just to wait and find someone who is secure in who they are and where they are going. Watch out for a person who will look to you to fix everything, give them an identity, and fill their affirmation tank.

In honor of all of you who have suffered, me and the rest of the Maniacal boys will observe this day with the utmost respect.

Jesse Cortese
Lead singer of Maniacal
Maniacal Myspace page:

Drama Queen Fun Facts

- There have been four major drama queen crises on the forums. They happened in Summer 2002, December 2003-January 2004, August 2004 and November 2005.

- When a major drama queen crisis is happening on the forum, it is common practice for all moderators (other than Steve, of course) to lose their moderating abilities. This is a precaution against a moderator stabbing Steve in the back.

- A drama queen color code warning system exists. You can read all of the different colors and their meanings on the 2006 Drama Queen holiday page (and scroll down!).

- The first Drama Queen Day in January 2004 was actually known as "Poo-Poo Day." It was changed to "Drama Queen Day" the next year and the name has stuck!

- Previous Drama Queen Day pages are still on this web site: 2006, 2005, 2004.

- Drama Queen Day is traditionally held on the last Friday in January, but this year it was postponed until mid-February because I (Steve) was on vacation in Arizona and I really wanted to do this holiday right! ;)

Photos of Candle Holders ... (Anti-Drama Queen Candlelight Vigil Participants In The World - 2007)
Dianna Texas... Dianna in Texas has been a strong supporter of keeping the forums free from the manipulation or wacko-ness that are common behaviors of drama queens.
Dave Ortiz New Mexico...
Dave spent much of 2006 on crutches after a horrible bicycling accident. He had a lot to be genuinely upset about, but he hasn't been a drama queen whatsoever. (If you are reading this and you know you're a drama queen, consider that!)
Tote Lars Colorado Springs, Colorado...
Tote and Lars in Colorado Springs are definitely not drama queens and celebrated this holiday for the third year in a row.
Nerdolia Norway...
Tonje in Norway was disallowed from lighting a candle at her location, but she shared the spirit of the holiday (i.e. being against annoying drama queens) by posing with a computer photo of a candle.
Glenda in Texas had a somber face as she thought about drama queens during the candlelight vigil in her home.
Lisa in Oklahoma lit a candle against drama queens and wondered if particular people might really be "drama queen magnets."
Andrew and Tracey Florida...
Andrew, Tracey and their pet rat in Florida stare at their candle with the hopes that drama queens will get the help they need, even if it means seeking counseling.
Candlelight Vigil in Arizona Arizona...
Joel in Arizona photographed quite an array of candles in front of his cactus collection. There's no question Joel does not tolerate drama queens and their ways!
Scott Colorado Springs, Colorado...
Scott somberly holds a candle during a vigil at his Colorado Springs home. He knows all about the dangers of becoming too involved with drama queens.
Candlelight Vigil Montana...
~Am~ in Montana shows rock solid resolve to never enable a drama queen when he or she "explodes" or "loses it" on the forums and goes on a ranting.
Maryland Guy Maryland...
Paul in Maryland has witnessed many of the drama queen blowouts on the forums and appreciates all the hard work it takes to "clean up the forums" after a drama queen slimes the place with his or her negativity.
Rich and Lisa Victor, Colorado...
Rich and Lisa light a candle in their home in Victor, Colorado. Lisa has been a moderator on many forums in her life and has seen so many drama queens "blow up" and make fools of themselves. It's sad, isn't it? :(
Jumpin Julie and Family Texas...
Jumpin Julie and her family in Houston lit candles with the hope that the entire world would obtain an extra amount of emotional stability, and not just drama queens.
Candles Ohio...
Janelle in Ohio did not include herself in the photo, but she lit every candle in her home because she definitely has a hard time tolerating drama queens.
Victoria in Georgia Georgia...
Although many drama queens fit the stereotype of being lonely women with borderline personality traits, Victoria in Georgia maintains men can be drama queens too. (She is indeed correct!)
Brandi in Kansas Kansas...
Brandi, a nurse in Kansas, holds a candle as a way to stand against drama queens who very well could be planning to cause future problems on the forums.
Wyldflower Colorado Springs, Colorado...
"I truly detest 'drama queens' always asking for attention, for the silliest things." - Wyld
Myranda in Buena Vista, Colorado Buena Vista, Colorado...
Myranda in Buena Vista was ecstatic over the idea of a holiday that mocked and ridiculed drama queens! :)
Kansas Kelly Kansas...
"Kansas is very much against Drama Queens. We say 'no' to Drama." - Kansas Kelly
Rhonda in Arkansas Arkansas...
Rhonda in Arkansas looks down at her candle and feels sorry for the deeper issues that drive troubled drama queens to act the way they do.
Judy California...
I told Judy in California an "ear full" about the crap drama queens have done over the years while we walked along the Ocean Beach Fishing Pier in San Diego. Judy is very much against drama queens!
San Diego Shana California...
"I was wailing in these photos, wailing because of the PAIN drama queens cause me." -Shana (San Diego)
Chaffee County, Colorado...
At the Blackburn residence, Abigail admitted she has been "dramatic" at times, but Abigail can't be a drama queen, because a true drama queen almost always has a very hard time looking at her behaviors objectively. (Children also participated in the anti-drama queen vigil.)

Sally's Bar & Grill in Victor, Colorado...
Patrons at Sally's Bar & Grill in Victor, Colorado were all for participating in the anti-drama queen candlelight vigil. They agreed that drama queens can be a total pain in the you-know-what sometimes!
Jesse Pfalzgraff Buena Vista, Colorado...
Jesse Pfalzgraff, the bass guitarist for a local band known as "Maniacal," emphasized that he "loves the drama queen but hates the drama."
Steve The One Traffic Light in Buena Vista, CO...
There I am holding a candle at the one and only traffic light in Buena Vista. I hope my photo communicates that my resolve is as strong as ever in fighting to keep my forums positive, fun, friendly and drama queen free!
Steve Buena Vista, Colorado...
Steve had a difficult time keeping his candle lit, but he assured everyone around that he is totally against drama queens!
Sharon and Sarah Buena Vista, Colorado...
Sharon and Sarah thought this drama queen holiday was a great idea and they proudly held candles to make a stand against drama queens.
Justin Buena Vista, Colorado...
Justin admitted he has had many unpleasant experiences in dating relationships with drama queens. He was more than happy to participate in the anti-drama queen candlelight vigil!
Chris and Steve Buena Vista, Colorado...
As they held their candles, Chris and Steve encouraged me not to compromise or back down when a drama queen "bully" tries to create conflict on the forums.
Shelley and Biff Texas...
Shelley and Biff in Amarillo, Texas, made it clear in no uncertain terms that drama queen behavior is something they do not appreciate!
Keisha in Georgia Georgia...
Last but definitely not least, Keisha found time to light a candle and be unified with others around the world who are against drama queens!

You are welcome to share your thougts about your drama queen experiences, today's Drama Queen holiday or the candlelight vigil pictures on my:


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