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Dinosaur Hill - A Hike In Fruita, Colorado

The site of a significant dinosaur fossil discovery ...
Dinosaur Hill is located on the south end of Fruita and accessed from Broadway. It is a simple hike from the parking lot, probably less than a mile all together, and signs inform visitors about the bones of a large apatosaurus that were discovered here in 1901.

Dinosaur Hill Colorado
The view of Dinosaur Hill from the trailhead. The summit is on the right.

Dinosaur Hill, Colorado
From an overlook in Colorado National Monument, the view of Dinosaur Hill and the town of Fruita beyond.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Dinosaur Hill


October 12, 2012 - Read all about Elmer Riggs' discovery right here.
Apatosaurus This is what an apatosaurus looks like. I like him! :)
Dinosaur Hill Trail

The trail winds gently around the hill.
A decent shot of a bird. A magpie?

Dinosaur Hill, Colorado

More Hike Photos

October 29, 2012 - A sunnier day for a short hike.
Rocks on the hill.
Steve On the summit of Dinosaur Hill.

I'm not sure what the elevation is here. (It's approximately 4,500 feet in Fruita.)

Transporting six tons of dinosaur bones in 1901? That's one big-boned dinosaur!
Dinosaur Hill Colorado

Dinosaur Hill, Colorado

Pretty scenery at the top.

FIRST: Facing northeast. The Colorado River flows by with Grand Junction, Mount Garfield and Grand Mesa afar.

SECOND: Facing northwest. The Book Cliffs afar with the edges of Fruita in the foreground.

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My typical video showing the views.

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