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Devils Kitchen Trail In Colorado National Monument

An Excellent Grand Junction Hike With Beautiful Red Rock Scenery; Near West Entrance of Colorado National Monument

A hike worthy of your time and effort ...
Are you intrigued by the crazy red rock structure below? Well, that's the Devils Kitchen in Colorado National Monument. I highly recommend this trail for a variety of reasons: The hike is under one mile (one way), the trailhead is easily accessible from the park's west entrance, and just look at the scenery. I'm not taking anything away from Arches National Park and the red rock scenery around Moab, and I encourage you to visit those places, but you can also get your fix on this trail.
Devils Kitchen in Colorado National Monument
Hiking in my sandals makes me happy.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Devils Kitchen Trail


October 20, 2012 - It's a pretty trail.

By the way, the Serpents Trail begins from the same parking lot, but across the street. If I had to recommend only one trail, I would strongly suggest the Devils Kitchen Trail.

Fall Foliage Fall colors adorn the nearby cottonwood trees.
Devils Kitchen Trail, CO

There is a rock structure to the right of the trail.

It looks common, but that's only from this angle. Keep hiking. :)

Devils Kitchen Trail Colorado Upward toward the rocks.
Devils Kitchen Colorado National Monument

Devils Kitchen Colorado National Monument

And from a different angle, the ordinary rocks you were headed to looks like this. Crazy!

Welcome to the Devil's Kitchen in Colorado National Monument.

Within the tall rocks is a "natural rock room" where you can stand around the tall rocks. It's quite an experience. The man in the second photo is on the edge, but you can walk well into the heart of it.

Devils Kitchen Trail Two odd-shaped rocks beside the large structure.
Devils Kitchen Colorado I never tire of these red rocks.
Red Rocks Devils Kitchen Red Rocks Two photos looking up at the rocks from inside the natural rock room.
The trail heads up that open rock area. In fact, that's where the best photography of Devil's Kitchen happens.
Devils Kitchen Trail View The view toward the trailhead with the Book Cliffs and Grand Junction afar.


Such a beautiful place.

Walking into the courtyard.

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