Devils Den State Park - Yellow Rock Trail

A Beautiful Hike In Northwest Arkansas
Devils Den State Park is in the hill country known as the Boston Mountains. It is a relative short drive from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and an excellent choice for those who seek to escape the "hustle and bustle" of life and enjoy nature. There are rustic cabin rentals, campgrounds, horse riding trails and more. On my visit, I hiked the entire three-mile Yellow Rock Trail, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for its scenery, rock structures and outdoor / exercise value.

Yellow Rock Trail Overlook
The spectacular view from the Yellow Rock overlook in Devils Den State Park.

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Devils Den State Park

Trail Photos

May 12, 2013 - I entered Devils Den State Park from the north after driving through Hogeye and Strickler.
Devils Den State Park, AR The scenic drive alone make this state park worth a visit.
Yellow Rock Trailhead At the lower trailhead for the Yellow Rock Trail.

In total, it is a three-mile hike to do the loop, reach the upper trailhead (which has an overlook) and return back down.

Yellow Rock Trail, AR

At the beginning, the trail ascends and passes vertical rock outcroppings. It reminded me of the layers of sediment showing in southern Utah.

I stood in the photo to provide perspective on the sizes of these rocks. :)

Yellow Rock Trail Pretty forest along the trail.
Yellow Rock Devils Den

Yellow Rock Trail, Arkansas

The Overlook On The Yellow Rock Trail

The biggest draw of the Yellow Rock Trail is Yellow Rock itself. From the lower trailhead, eventually the trail splits in two. I recommend going right to visit the Yellow Rock Overlook first.

At the rock, you'll have a broad view of the Lee's Creek Valley and the mountain ridge across. I imagine this would be a wonderful place to visit when the fall colors are at their best!

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  • Yellow Rock Loop Trail After enjoying the overlook for some time, I continued to do the full loop.
    Overlook Arrival at the structure at the top of the trail. There is an overlook, although it's not much compared to Yellow Rock below. A brisk downward hike to the lower trailhead and I was done. Great hike!


    A little boring, I suppose. Showing you the trail.

    No question, the overlook is the main attraction.

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