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D5 Trail at Devils Canyon - Fruita, Colorado

Diversion Hike to Imperial Rock; D5 Trail With Return on D6 Trail; Beautiful Orange Rock Scenery

A hiker's paradise ...
South of Fruita, Colorado, the trail system at the Devils Canyon Trailhead is elaborate. Trails lead into Kodells Canyon, Devils Canyon and Flume Canyon. Others meander among gorgeous orange rock scenery with remarkable rock formations. No doubt, locals take good advantage of the hiking opportunities in this area outside of Colorado National Monument. On this particular page, I document my hike on the D5 trail.

D5 Trail
The view at the beginning of the D5 Trail.

Trail Map
My trail map. I started in the top right, and went counterclockwise on the D5 Trail. I made a diversion toward Imperial Rock (O = Duck Rock, + = Imperial Rock), then finished on D5 and returned via the D6 and D1 trails.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Devils Canyon Trailhead


March 2, 2013 - The entrance gate at the trailhead.
D5 Trail

D5 Trail Colorado

D5 Trail Devils Canyon, CO

The D5 Trail ascends a hill and then skirts the canyon rim. For at least a mile, one has the view of the canyon and the D4 trail system that meanders inside it. Pretty!

TOP: Near the beginning.
SECOND: Where the D4 trail "dead ends" in the canyon.
THIRD: The D5 trail goes around the canyon's rim.

I made two videos showing the scenery ...

Fruita, CO Scenery The grand view of the Book Cliffs with Fruita in front.

Also Opal Hill (center) can be seen, and in fact it's partially blocking the view of the town.

The trail climbs over a ridge and turns right. At this point, those who desire to hike to Duck Rock or Imperial Rock should turn left onto the mesa. (See the map above.)

In this photo, the orange rocky section is the last section to hike before reaching Imperial Rock.

Duck Rock Before I visited Imperial Rock, I zoomed-in on Duck Rock.
Imperial Rock, CO Imperial Rock Colorado

Imperial Rock

Imperial Rock. There she is!

Imperial Rock is a gigantic rock that is about 30 feet tall, similar to nearby Cowboy Hat Tower.

Steve Garufi Hike Yours truly at the rock. :)
Devils Canyon Colorado I spent plenty of time up there, taking in the views and relaxing. This was the view of Devils Canyon.

Orange Rock Scenery

Two photos of orange rock formations and cliffs below.

Grand Junction and Grand Mesa

D5 Trail

I continued on the D5 Trail until it hit the D6 Trail. This makes an excellent hiking loop - great scenery and long enough for a good workout.

TOP: Mount Garfield and Grand Mesa with Grand Junction in the foreground.

SECOND: As I was returning down below, I thought this photo of a woman way up on the D5 Trail would give a helpful perspective. The vertical drops should be taken seriously!


Imperial Rock and the views all around.

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