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Denver High Point - Rise Near NE Corner of Kipling & Belleview

The Denver County and City High Point - 5,680 Feet on Kipling Sidewalk
The cross streets of Kipling and Belleview is your best landmark to visit the Denver high point. Denver, which is its own city and county, has a large core in the center of the metropolitan area, but it also has two distinct arms. One reaches northeast all the way to the Denver International Airport, and the other points to the southwest.

The city of Denver has not made a marker for the high point. On this excursion, Jeff Christlieb and I worked at pinpointing the exact spot and made an educated guess.

Kipling and Belleview
Driving west on Belleview and toward Kipling, there is a perceptible rise to this intersection.

First of all, there is a common misunderstanding about the Denver high point. Most say its the northeast corner of Kipling and Belleview, which is partially true.

All of the businesses in the northeast quadrant (a Burger King, Loaf N Jug, Grease Monkey oil change center and True Value hardware store, to name a few) are outside of Denver city limits. It is the residenial neighborhood that surrounds the shopping area that is part of Denver.

Adjacent photo: Jeff's GPS confirmed the Denver border and tracked the elevation.

True Value Store To get the high point, hike north on Kipling. Beyond the True Value store property, you have walked into Denver.
Denver City Line at Kipling The residential homes, all inside Denver, have a brown fence. The adjacent photo shows when you've crossed into Denver.

This is the far corner of Denver. The border runs north in the center of Kipling and turns east before Quincy Avenue, but at this spot, you are most certainly in Denver. :)

Kipling in Denver Area We believe the CB sign stands for "county boundary".
Rise From the intersection of Kipling and Belleview, there are noticeable rises as one walks north on Kipling. Then, inside Denver, there was one more rise that Jeff noticed. It is a few steps north of the green phone utility boxes.
Denver High Point

Denver High Point

Jeff called it. To the best of our knowledge, this is the Denver high point. The elevation was 5,680 feet.
Denver High Point Facing north, the high point with Kipling on the left.

Denver High Point The day before, I visited the Teller County and El Paso county high points. Then today, I drove 66 miles to stand on the roof of Denver. It was worth the effort! on Facebook


It may be an ordinary spot in the suburbs, but every county high point is special.

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