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Delaware High Point - Ebright Azimuth

Photos Of Our Visit To The Tallest Point In Delaware; Near Delaware / Pennsylvania Border - August 23, 2008

Delaware Highest Point

The Delaware high point might me one of the most peculiar experiences for a visitor. Standing at 448 feet in elevation, only Florida's high point (Britton Hill) sits lower at 345 feet. Standing there, one can notice a slight crest on Ebright Road. Delaware's high point is named Ebright Azimuth and is located at an intersection in a suburban neighborhood - Ebright Road and Ramblewood Drive.

As we stood at the monument, a plethora of vehicles drove past on Ebright Road. Many drivers seemed hurried by the apparent fast pace of life in this populated region. I felt self-conscious to gaze at the large blue sign. My hunch was onlookers probably saw us and thought, "Oh there's another wacky high pointer who drove hundreds of miles to visit our neighborhood." Such a statement would be very true! :)

Bernie and I had a fantastic visit. It was a warm day with sunny blue skies. We were elated to get out of the car and stretch after driving all morning from West Virginia. To enjoy a state high point made it even more special. Delaware can be very proud of its high point.

Enjoy the photos and videos below! -Steve

Delaware I-95 One photo along the way: Driving through traffic on Interstate 95 in Delaware.
Delaware Highest Point And there it is ... the highest point in Delaware!
Delaware Highest Point Delaware Highest Point Bernie and myself celebrate at the high point.

This was my eighth U.S. state high point. My other visits:

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  • Delaware Highest Point
    Delaware Highest Point
    Across the street from the monument is Ramblewood Drive, a street with suburban homes.
    Delaware Highest Point Another view of the intersection. You might notice a slight crest in the road.
    Delaware Highest Point
    Delaware Highest Point
    Based on previous video below, work has been done on this road to calm traffic. This is likely in part due to the large amounts of visitors and tourists who visit this location. There are stop signs on each side of Ebright Road, marked pedestrian crossings and a red brick area that requires vehicles turn slightly to get through.
    Radio Tower A tall radio tower is nearby.
    Delaware Highest Point
    Delaware Highest Point
    One more fascinating piece of information: The top photo is the westerly view of the Delaware High Point. Beyond the grassy lawn is a trailer park. Bernie and I visited the area and noticed many of the trailer homes are elevated a few feet above the natural high point. The adjacent photo may not show the slight rise in the ground of this trailer home, but it was very noticeable with the naked eye. Once again, the prohibition of human structures or manmade slopes come into play here. This does not count as the highest point!

    Delaware High Point Videos

    My 43-second video with Bernie at the Delaware High Point.

    A blooper video of sorts. :)

    Great video from another high pointing guy.

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