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Davis Meadow Trail

(My Hike Near Trout Creek Pass, Chubb Park and "Seven Mile Road" in Chaffee County, CO - June 15, 2008)

Davis Meadow Trail

Davis Meadow Trail is a nice hike in the Buena Vista, Colorado region. You will especially like this trail if you like the following characteristics: 1) Aspen groves, 2) Grand views of the Collegiate Peaks and Arkansas River Valley, 3) You like to be away from the crowds. Regarding #3, I did not spot another hiker along the approximate 3.5 miles of trail ... It was that quiet!

How To Get There: At Trout Creek Pass, turn onto Chaffee County Road 311 north into Chubb Park. Stay on 311 (you'll cross 309 with a nice view of the Buffalo Peaks) and keep going! You will go up and over a pass and come down with nice views of the Collegiate Peaks to the west. (You're still on 311 here - It's also called "Sevenmile Road" at this point.) A small dirt road called 311D will take you to the Davis Meadow Trailhead. If you do not have a high-clearance vehicle (like me), park your car somewhere on 311 and walk the few tenths of the mile on 311D to the trailhead.

I walked the entire loop around a few rocky points in the 10,000+ foot range including Aspen Arch. It took me 3.5 hours to do the entire walk. See my topographical map at the bottom to view it; You should really have your own if you do this hike! I use and recommend National Geographic's Trails Illustrated Map - Buena Vista and the Collegiate Peaks is Map #129.

Enjoy the photos below. It was a great day to be out in the mountains! :)

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Buffalo Peaks, CO
Sevenmile Road
Mt. Princeton
On The Way To The Trailhead

TOP: The pretty view of the Buffalo Peaks near the junction of roads 311 and 309 in Chubb Park.

MIDDLE: 311 after I drove over the pass. Passenger vehicles can make it, but drive carefully ... the bumpy rocks were a little unnerving at times. (Mt. Yale in the background)

BOTTOM: Mt. Antero (left) and Mt. Princeton as I continued on 311 ("Sevenmile Road").

Chaffee Road 311D
Mt. Princeton, CO
TOP: The entrance to 311D. A solid truck or high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle can definitely make it to the trailhead alright, but I parked my Honda right here.

BOTTOM: One last photo of Mt. Princeton as I walked into the woods towards the trailhead.

Davis Meadow Trailhead The Davis Meadow Trailhead.
Davis Meadow Trail Davis Meadow Trail
Davis Meadow Trail Davis Meadow Trail, CO
Wow! Many segments of the trail have beautiful and lush aspens surrounding the trail. Good heavens, this places must be an autumn wonderland when the colors are changing!
Old Cabins
Historic Cabin
You will reach the official Davis Meadow area when the trail cross the North Fork of Sevenmile Creek.

There are a few old cabin structures still standing by the creek. Just amazing to think people lived here all year-round in such a remote area!

Davis Meadow Trail One more lush aspen area. By the way, let me repeat again that I did not encounter another human being on this trail ... and it was a Sunday (a day off for most) at the height of our tourist season. How about that?
Davis Meadow Trail Davis Meadow Trail Reaching the western side of the trail, the grand views of the Collegiate Peaks begin. The trail becomes fairly steep in some portions - no big deal for a hiker - but I would love to see someone ride down the trail (right photo) in a mountain bike! (My buddy Kent, a mountain biker, wanted my thoughts on the feasibility of mountain biking this trail; One book ranks it a "Five" as being the most difficult.)
Mt. Princeton, CO A nice view of Mt. Princeton through some trees.
Davis Meadow Trail The large aspen groves are all over!

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    Collegiate Peaks
    Views Of The Mountains

    Finally, I came out the meadow and into a clearing with beautiful views of the mountains and valley!

    TOP: Mt. Princeton stands tall and proud with Mt. Antero just to the left. The town of Buena Vista is in the valley.

    MIDDLE: Facing more to the south, the Sangre De Cristo Mountains can be seen faintly way in the background. Midland Hill is in the right-center out there.

    BOTTOM: Three 14ers in view - Mt. Yale (left), Mt. Columbia (center) and Mt. Harvard (right).

    Sevenmile Road The trail connects with Road 373A and then I walked on an unnamed dirt road back to 311. For the most part, this was a boring and long walk on hilly dirt roads.
    Meatball Parm Sub
    I was really tired! Back at the car, I noticed it took me 3.5 hours to do this hike. On the way back home, I stopped at Real Subs in Buena Vista - they offer really large subs and it's a great place to eat big after a day in the mountains! :)

    And no ... no eating picture this time. ;)

    Davis Meadow Trail A photo of my beloved topographic map. I walked counterclockwise beginning at 311D and 311. Honestly folks, I really recommend this ...