Cycling to Independence Pass

One of the grandest mountain passes to bike in Colorado ...
Cycling Independence Pass can be done. To prove my point, even I got my lazy ass up there with my road bike. Personally I prefer this ride from the east side (the Lake County / Twin Lakes side), as I live in Buena Vista and it's easier for me to access. The western side from Aspen looks like an appealing monster ride, but while the road is very scenic, there are just too many blind curves and lack of shoulder for my comfort. Still whichever way you bike to Independence Pass, know that you can be very proud of yourself. On this page are my photos and videos of my ride on Memorial Day 2014. I also have photos posted from my first ride eight years ago.

Independence Pass, CO
As a Coloradan, I'm so grateful to bike in snowy mountain wonderlands like this! :)

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

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May 26, 2014 - Confession: I began my bike ride at the La Plata Peak Trailhead on Highway 82. This is west of Twin Lakes by a few miles.

If I was a purist as I was on my first ride to Independence Pass, I probably should have started in the village of Twin Lakes. Oh well. :)

Mount Champion, Colorado

Road To Independence Pass, CO

Mount Champion

Two photos of Mount Champion a beautiful 13er in the area of the first switchback.
Not the most scenic shot, but I wanted to capture this view of the road way below and the massive mountain behind.
Independence Pass Road Continuing my ride into Mountain Boy Gulch.
Bicycle and Snow

Snow Scene

More snow and mountain scenery.

Snowy Scenery on Road

The snow increased as I gained in elevation.
La Plata Peak, Colorado At one point, I had a clear view of La Plata Peak, elevation 14,336 feet. I climbed this mountain six years ago -- it's a good and challenge Class II "walk up" that I recommend. My photos from that outing: Hike to La Plata Peak.

By the way, when you bike Independence Pass from the east side, you'll be toiling way down in that valley and longing to be where I was. :)

Ski Independence Pass I passed a group of young guys who skied down the hill. It was fun to watch them!

Do you see the "S" shaped markings in the snow? Them and other skiers made those.

Independence Pass Road, CO Nearing the top, the snow bank on the right was about ten feet tall.
Independence Pass, Colorado

Independence Pass

I made it. :)

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  • As I enjoyed the sights, I noticed a lone cross-country skier taking on the snowy countryside.


    Riding along Highway 82.

    Grateful to be cycling in the mountains.

    The first hairpin turn is not too shabby.

    Steep drop off the road.

    Biking in a snowy wonderland.

    Rest break with lots of snow.

    Amazing Colorado scenery.

    Arrival at Independence Pass.

    Walking around a little.

    The large snowfield was not too shabby.

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