Cycling Colorado

A bike ride is the cure for many things
On this page are my cycling photos over the years. As a road biker, I've done many Colorado mountain passes and have biked across the USA twice. I have nothing against mountain biking; I'd probably do that more if I had a fat-tired bike. Anyway, happy cycling!

Steve Garufi Cyclist
A self-portait at the top of the steep hill by Cascade Falls in Chalk Creek Canyon.

Photos and write-ups by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Cycling Raton Pass Raton Pass - I've biked up Raton Pass many times from both Trinidad and Raton, NM. It is a decent ride.
New Mexico Cycling "Tijeras Canyon" / Sedillo, NM - A great climb from Albuquerque up the canyon alongside Interstate 40.
Fremont Pass, CO Hoosier Pass - 11-mile ride to Hoosier Pass from Fairplay.

Book Under a Triumphant Sky - My book about my 2008 bike across USA journey.

(340 pages, 33 photos, available as a print copy and ebook)

Fremont Pass, CO Fremont Pass - 12-mile ride from Leadville to Fremont Pass on the east side of the divide.
USA Pro Cycling Challenge USA Pro Cycling Challenge - The race makes it way through Buena Vista.

Also, photos when they biked over Cottonwood Pass.

Bike Across Colorado 2003 Bike Across Colorado - It took me ten days to ride from the Kansas state line to the Four Corners Monument. This was my first successful long distance bicycle tour.
Independence Pass, Colorado Independence Pass - A ride on the Twin Lakes / Lake County side soon after the pass opened.

Also, I have photos from the first time I biked Independence Pass.

Tennessee Pass - My bike ride from Leadville to Tennessee Pass. Compared starting in Minturn, this is the easy side! ;)
Cottonwood Pass, CO Cottonwood Pass - Photos from the first time I biked Cottonwood Pass beginning in Buena Vista.

  • Robert and Twain bike Cottonwood Pass
  • Me cycling it again (long video with huffing and puffing)
  • Spring Ride With Roadside Snow
  • 2011 Bike Across USA - My second cross-country trip. I began in Huntington Beach, California and finished in St. Simons Island, Georgia.
    2008 Bike Across USA - My first time bicycling across the United States. Del Mar, California to Jekyll Island, Georgia.
    Monarch Pass - Cycling to Monarch Pass beginning in Poncha Springs.
    Poncha Pass, CO Poncha Pass - A great ride with plenty of shoulder from the Poncha Springs side. (The Villa Grove side isn't bad either.)
    South Fork To Creede - Dave Ortiz and I bike from South Fork to Creede round trip.
    70 Miles in Chaffee County - Another great day ride with Dave Ortiz: Salida, Buena Vista, up County Road 306 a few miles and then back.
    Chalk Creek Canyon Chalk Creek Canyon - I've biked so many times on County Road 162 between Nathrop and St. Elmo. This was a good ride. :)

  • 5x on the Steep Hill
  • Cascade Falls to St. Elmo
  • First Video on the Steep Hill
  • Trout Creek Pass, CO Trout Creek Pass - Not as great as rides west of the Arkansas River Valley. I did bike Trout Creek Pass once.
    Northern New Mexico Bicycle Tour - Two-day cycling journey from San Luis, CO to Santa Fe, NM.
    Colorado National Monument - Photos and videos about cycling in Colorado National Monument.

    More reports coming. This page is a work-in-progress.

    Mountain Biking at Twin Lakes, CO - Kent, Stephen and I rode mountain bikes around Twin Lakes Reservoir.

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