Copper Gulch Road - Westcliffe, CO to Parkdale, CO

A Scenic, Road Less Traveled
Copper Gulch Road is a road that connects Westcliffe to Parkdale and is a decent route if you're seeking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some Colorado scenery. The road is paved on both ends with a middle area that is dirt. My 2WD passenger vehicle made it just fine. Enjoy my photos of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Custer and Fremont counties, and the Deer Mountain community.

Copper Gulch Road, Colorado
Oh yes, Copper Gulch Road offers grand views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Photos and videos by Steve Garufi a.k.a. Colorado Guy. Contact: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Westcliffe, Colorado

Westcliffe, CO Mountains

Mountains in Westcliffe CO

Sangre de Cristo Mountains


Septemer 16, 2017 - My photo gallery begins with images of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. From Westcliffe, travel north on Highway 69 for a few miles before turning left on Copper Gulch Road.

Copper Gulch Road The turnoff for Copper Gulch Road.
Copper Gulch Road, Colorado

Copper Gulch Road, CO

The scenery abounds for quite a while in Custer County.

I also made a video on the road ...

Copper Gulch Road It was nice to get out and take pictures of all these little mountains. This shot was taken in a region known as Cody Park.
Copper Gulch Road

Abandoned Gas Station

In Fremont County, the road descends in elevation with many twists and turns. I was hoping this gas station and store would be open, but it appears to be abandoned.
Cornbeef & Cabbage Sign The cornbeef and cabbage dinner put on by the Deer Mountain Fire Station sounds like a good thing! :)

The sign was definitely not too shabby ...

Copper Gulch Road, CO Plenty of mountain scenes on this route.

Livestock On The Road

A rancher moves his livestock. It's always amusing to see. :)

Copper Gulch Road, Colorado Coming closer to Parkdale. In this area is the Royal Gorge and many whitewater rafitng companies.
Canon City When you hit Highway 50, Copper Gulch Road has ended. Personally, I made it a loop by heading west to Texas Creek before returning to Westcliffe.

Bonus Video

The Arkansas River and the surrounding peaks were so pretty.
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