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Don't say the weather is "bad" or "nasty" when it's snowing ...
Snowy and freezing cold winter days are wonderful!

The Grand Valley in Western Colorado has been in a three-week cold snap that will continue for at least another week. We've had snowstorms and many overnight lows below zero. Long-time locals have told me this has been one of the longest stretches of wonderful winter weather they've ever seen. Who knows? Maybe my pro-snow and pro-winter attitude as a new resident has been a factor. :)

On this page are my snow photos on January 11, 2013. Many images were taken from my car. I do encourage you to get out there and ski, snowshoe, ride your snowmobile, make a snowman and do other activities when the weather is cold. Happy winter!
Snowy Road In Colorado
Beautiful white snow on Colorado State Highway 340 between Fruita and Grand Junction.

Photos and commentary by Steve Garufi in Fruita, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Driving In Snow

Snowy Road


I became inspired to take photos as I cruised on Broadway (Colorado State Highway 340) in the Redlands area as I drove toward Fruita.

The road was not too slick, but you've always got to be careful with these conditions.

Colorado National Monument Beautiful snow throughout the land with a stunning view of Colorado National Monument.

The two canyons are Wedding Canyon (left) and Lizard Canyon (right). Sentinel Spire is the tall vertical rock on the left.

Colorado National Monument Fruita Canyon in Colorado National Monument.
Colorado River With Snow The partially frozen Colorado River with a blanket of snow.
Driving On Snow Cruising on Rim Rock Drive in Colorado National Monument.



Colorado National Monument

Three photos near the visitor center: orange rock scenery, icicles and the weather forecast.

Because of the unusual "inversion" weather effect, it was much colder in Fruita than at the visitor center! We have not been over 40 in three weeks and tonight we expect to hit negative two degrees. Sweet winter!

Shanankah Shanankah. I love this dog. :)


Driving through Colorado National Monument 4x the speed.

Shanankah isn't a fan of cold weather.

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