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Elk & Bighorn Sheep Photos Near Buena Vista, CO - Managed by Colorado Division of Wildlife - April 24, 2010

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep
This afternoon, I encountered two groups of wildlife that begged to be photographed.

Firstly, a group of young bighorn sheep stood on Chaffee County Road 306. As I understand, this wildlife is managed by the Department of Colorado Wildlife as seen by their tags and collars.

Colorado Wildlife
#62 stood behind the guard rail as I remained stationary in my vehicle on the road. What a beautiful bighorn sheep!

Bighorn Sheep Photo Gallery

Some stood in the middle of the road and seemed confused about which side of the road to take refuge.

Bighorn Sheep A nice close-up.
Colorado Wildlife Two bighorn sheep look toward me with curiosity.
Bighorn Sheep So great to live in Colorado ... to see wildlife like this!
Colorado Wildlife Another close of bighorn sheep #62. :)

Colorado Elk Herd
Closer to town, a large elk herd stood in a field near Chaffee County Road 339. Above is my best zoom-in photo of a small number of the herd.
Colorado Wildlife
A scenic Colorado photo that includes Mt. Princeton, a Colorado 14er in the background. At this point, the elk had already become "skitzy" over my presence and many were either walking away or had turned their heads away from me.

Elk Herd - Photo Gallery

My very first photo. I intended to photograph Mt. Princeton for www.MtPrinceton.org, but the herd on the left was very noticeable.

Mt. Princeton
Beautiful elk in the foreground. Mt. Princeton
Some looked toward me with concern. Elk
On a humorous note, the elk were so unhappy with me that they turned their butts toward me. Colorado Wildlife
A broader shot that includes the Colorado Rocky Mountain scenery in the background.

These elk tend to stay in the upper Arkansas River Valley during the winter months, and then move into the higher altitude of the mountains during the warmer months.

Colorado Wildlife

Not Wildlife

Okay, okay, neither of these two photos include wildlife, but I thought they were noteworthy.

Two horses at a nearby ranch.

Longhorn An attracive guy with longhorns. Love it!