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Colorado Whitewater Rafting

My Photos & Comments From Rafting Browns Canyon And The Royal Gorge In Colorado - Summer 2009

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

I consider myself a physically active and adventurous guy in Colorado. Over the years I've climbed 14ers, explored various trails, done some kayaking, visited numerous national parks and have taken bazillions of Colorado scenery photos. But what's one thing I've never done? Whitewater rafting! Part of my hesitance was fear, and the other was not being connected with people who are passionate about whitewater rafting. That changed this year. :)

Special thanks to my friends at River Runners (based in both Buena Vista and Canon City) for introducing me to this "must do" summer activity in Colorado. There are many quality outfitters rafting on the Arkansas River, but I recommend River Runners for their professionalism, experienced guides and commitment to fun.

Below are photos of my two trips. I rafted through Browns Canyon in May, and went through the Royal Gorge in July. In the near future, it is on the agenda to raft the Numbers section north of Buena Vista. I will certainly update this page and post a headline on the front page when that happens.

In the photo above, that's my brother and I in the front of the boat. Very fun! :)

Buena Vista, Colorado

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Royal Gorge Rafting

Rafting The Royal Gorge

Rafting The Royal Gorge

July 19, 2009 - My younger brother Mark (who lives in New York City) was in Winter Park, CO all week on business and drove to see me in Buena Vista for the weekend. We had so many options as to what to do, and we eventually decided to raft the Royal Gorge. This particular section has three photos of our boat as we approached the photographer who stood near a significant Class IV rapid.

After looking like a doofus while rafting Browns Canyon, I was sure to smile and look as enthusiastic as I truly was when the photos were taken! ;)

Royal Gorge Whitewater Rafting

Royal Gorge Rafting The camera captured Mark being doused with water in the face in this one! :p)
Royal Gorge Rafting This is probably our best photo. Everyone rowing and getting ready for one of the larger rapids inside the gorge.

Special thanks to Allen O., our guide. He was a great one!

Steve Whitewater rafting happiness. :)

Rafting Browns Canyon

May 2009 - My first whitewater rafting trip ever was a half day into Browns Canyon in Chaffee County. This particular run is considered intermediate with Class III rapids followed by breaks of relatively calm water. This trip is very popular among beginners and adults who want some whitewater action, but nothing too intense.

P.S. Look at the look of horror on the woman in the front on the right! 88:O

Browns Canyon Rafting
I am pretty sure we were rafting through a rapid called the Canyon Doors and amidst all the bumping and swaying, I tumbled toward the middle of the boat. I was scared! This photo was my motivation to at least look happier on my next raft trip! on Facebook
Browns Canyon, CO

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