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Colorado Welcome Center In Fruita, Colorado

You've got to stop at our amazing Colorado Welcome Center in Fruita ...
As a resident of Fruita, I'll admit that I'm biased, but I encourage you to visit the Colorado Welcome Center. It's right off Interstate 70 at exit 19. They offer free coffee, free wi-fi and clean restrooms. Friendly staff people are behind the counter to answer all of your questions. Also, they have a plethora of literature about every region of Colorado.

Colorado Welcome Center
Photo Above: The front entrance of the Colorado Welcome Center.

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Colorado Welcome Center Fruita

Oct. 2012 Photos

If you're driving through, from Denver to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City to Denver, you might as well stop in Fruita. We have a beautiful town square and main street with coffee shops, microbrewries and art galleries. That's all one block north of the highway.

On the south side of I-70, there are truck stops, a Taco Bell and Wendy's, the dinosaur museum and a nice Mexican restaurant named El Tapatio. Also, the entrance to Colorado National Monument is only two miles away!

You need to visit Fruita! If you visit, you will be less than one mile from my home. Also, I invite you to my photo journal about my town:

Welcome To Colorado

Signs with historical photos of Colorado's past.

Free Coffee Free coffee inside the welcome center.
Steve Garufi Colorado Welcome Center When I'm feeling blue, I head to the Colorado Welcome Center to sip on free coffee and browse their bazillions of tourist brochures!

This massive wall map is inspiring, isn't it? :)

Welcome Center Welcome Center

Welcome Center Welcome Center

It's nice in there. Places to sit, wall art and tons of information.


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