Independence Pass, Colorado
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COLORADO SUNSETS! My Photos Of Sunsets Throughout The Year Of 2006

Sunset At Cottonwood Pass In Colorado (October 12, 2006) ...
Cottonwood Pass October 12, 2006 - Cottonwood Pass re-opened after a series of snowstorms and I arrived right on time to capture the sunset. The adjacent photo is the standard view facing west on the Gunnison County (west) side of the divide.
Colorado Sunset Within a few minutes, the sunset show began! ;)
Colorado Sunset
Colorado Sunset
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  • Steve Myself. It was really cold up there! :p)
    Colorado Sunset On the way back down towards Buena Vista, there is a clearing that provides this grand view of the mountains. That peak way out there to the left is the Mt. Princeton summit.

    Other Colorado Sunsets (Photo Collections) ...
    Sunset Independence Pass (August 13, 2006) - This night ranked as one of the best sunsets I have ever photographed. :)
    Sunset Independence Pass (August 10, 2006) - Not an impressive sunset for Colorado standards, but it is always nice to spend some time at Independence Pass.
    Colorado Sunset Cottonwood Pass (May 30, 2006) - A spring time sunset at Cottonwood Pass.
    Sunset Cottonwood Pass (September 13, 2006) - Bright pink shades were part of the evening's sunset. I also met some cool people while up there!
    Sunset Mt. Princeton Sunset (August 17, 2006) - A stunning color display over Mt. Princeton.
    Sunset Buena Vista, Colorado (June 12, 2006) - A pretty sunset over the Collegiate Peaks.
    Sunset Assorted Sunset Photo Gallery - Some extra sunsets inside and outside of Colorado.

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