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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs will always have a special place in my heart. Growing up on the east coast and living in New Jersey and New Hampshire, this city was my destination when I made the bold move west in 1997 as a young 20-something. From 1997-2001, I lived in Colorado Springs, and then from 2001-2005, I lived in neighboring Manitou Springs. It was in this town that I began to grow up ... however slowly. And it was here that my love for the mountains first developed.

On this page are my hikes, activities and photos over the years. Some are very old -- in the early 00s when this website was first created. Others are more recent. Also included are places outside Colorado Springs but inside El Paso County, such as Manitou Springs, Green Mountain Falls and Monument.

Pikes Peak Pikes Peak Colorado Springs
Photo Above: The beautiful view of Pikes Peak from Union Avenue and Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs.

Almagre Mountain - South of Pikes Peak, this is the only other mountain in the Pikes Peak range (other than Pikes Peak) that is above timberline.
Paint Mines, CO Paint Mines Interpretive Park - A park with rock formations and hoodoos in Calhan (25 miles east of Colorado Springs).
Road Biking in Garden of the Gods - This famous park in Colorado Springs is very bicycle-friendly.
Little Pikes Peak, Colorado Little Pikes Peak - A 13er near Pikes Peak that is an easy hike from the Devils Playground or Pikes Pikes Highway.
Mt. Herman Road Colorado Mount Herman Road - Scenic dirt road that connect the town of Monument to Rampart Range Road.
Devils Playground Colorado Teller County High Point - Point 13,070' in the Devils Playground near the Pikes Peak Highway is the high point of Teller County.

Also, Pikes Peak is the El Paso County High Point.

Palmer Park Palmer Park - Beautiful open space park with mountain biking trails, rock outcroppings, overlooks and more.
Pulpit Rock Pulpit Rock - Rock structure near the UCCS campus in Colorado Springs. Pretty scenery and an easy hike.
Pikes Peak Highway Pikes Peak Highway - Run by the city of Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak Toll Road leads to the top of Pikes Peak.

You can also view my photos from my hike of Pikes Peak Via Barr Trail.

Bicycle Lane Colorado Springs Road Bicycling - Photos of my road biking tour on the west side of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and Ute Pass.
Helen Hunt Falls Helen Hunt Falls - A pretty waterfall in North Cheyenne Canyon.

-Another waterfall that I really like in the area is Rainbow Falls, located on the west side of Manitou Springs.

-Dorothy Falls, located in Queens Canyon, sits on private property and is sometimes open to the public.

Mount Cutler Trail Mount Cutler - Colorado Springs has many trails and hiking opportunities in the mountains. Mt. Cutler is a relatively easy hike.

Other hikes in the region:
  • Seven Bridges Trail
  • Intemann Trail
  • Manitou Incline
  • Colorado Springs Hikes
  • Williams and Waldo Canyon Hike
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Devils Head Fire Lookout Devils Head Fire Lookout - Northwest of Colorado Sprigns in the Rampart Range is the Devils Head Fire Lookout trail that is used today to track wildfires. A nice hike outside of Sedalia, CO.
    Garden of the Gods Garden of the Gods - My photos over the years are terrible, but what's a Colorado Springs tribute page without something about Garden of the Gods? :)

    Another Garden of the Gods page is the Siamese Twins.

    Gold Camp Road Gold Camp Road - The entire road isn't open, but it can be accessed through Old Stage Road in southwest Colorado Springs.
    Rampart Range Road Rampart Range Overlook - A scenic drive from west of Colorado Springs. We stopped at an overlook.

    Other pages in Rampart Range:
  • Rampart Range Road
  • Devil's Head Fire Lookout
  • Rampart Reservoir
  • Mountain Lion Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Colorado Springs has a very good zoo, located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain.
    County Jobs & City Jobs - I realize many visit my website from other states and would love to relocate. Here are pages to job pages for city and county governments.
    Trail In Forest Forest Photos - From a hike west of Monument, CO.
    Taxi Cab Fun and random extra stuff:
  • Taxi
  • El Paso County Fair
  • Chipotle
  • Snowy Road Conditions on Facebook
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