Chipotle In Downtown Colorado Springs

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Chipotle Restaurant
For some reason, this particular page about Chipotle in downtown Colorado Springs gets a lot of traffic, and I think I know why ... there are many people like me who are love Chipotle burritos with a passion! :)

It was May 2006, and I was in Colorado Springs and had to visit for lunch. Buena Vista is a wonderful town, but this is the nearest Chiptole, and that's 100+ miles away! :(

Downtown Colorado Springs My friend Scott went with me, and I snapped this shot of downtown Colorado Springs at the junction of Pikes Peak and South Tejon.
Chipotle Workers Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Their food counter! :)

Scott sips his soda as I snapped a photo of the delicious spread of food we got! :p)
Steve Eating I know, I know ... an awful shot of me eating my burrito. :)

My typical burrito order tends to be the same: Any kind of meat, pinto beans, corn salsa (and maybe a touch of the brown "middle" salsa), cheese, a touch of sour cream and lettuce.

Chipotle Restaurant The downtown Colorado Springs Chipotle is a very happening place during work days. When I lived in Manitou Springs, I found myself frequently going on a late evening Chipotle runs to the shop on Garden of the Gods Road and Centennial.
Inside Chipotle Burrito My burrito. My goodness, it was difficult to capture a good picture of it!
Eating a Chipotle Burrito Chipotle Restaurant Adjacent are two older photos from previous Chipotle visits.

LEFT: I rip into a massive burrito while wearing my Great Fruitcake Toss shirt.
RIGHT: A friendly employee makes my burrito. on Facebook

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