Under a Triumphant Sky Book Signing Event

Hosted by Colorado Springs Bike Shop in Colorado Springs, CO - April 4, 2015

A Book Event and Trip Down Memory Lane ...
April 4, 2015 - This fourth book event in Colorado Springs was especially touching. For a while, it felt like the show "This Is Your Life," as friend after friend whom I hadn't seen in 10+ years came by. I used to live in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs from 1997-2005.

A huge thanks must be given to the Colorado Springs Bike Shop on 622 W. Colorado Ave. for hosting this event. This was my main bicycle shop of choice when I lived in the Pikes Peak region. Do visit them and/or visit their website: www.coloradospringsbikeshop.com.

-Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Social media links: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Colorado Springs Bike Shop
The Colorado Springs Bike Shop was established in 1973. Not too shabby!

Steve Garufi and David Peal
David Peal came by to get his book signed. :)
Steve Garufi Author
Yours truly at my author table. You can acquire my book here: www.amazon.com/Under-Triumphant-Sky-Across-America/dp/0692302891/.
I checked out some of their road bikes.
Keith Short
Keith Short gets the award for driving the longest distance to attend. He came from Hesston, Kansas. Wowwee!
Under a Triumphant Sky Book Event
Me and Donna, a long-time friend from Manitou Springs.
Steve and Laura
Laura Janca came by. She's written her own book titled Conquering Calypso, a journal about her victory over cancer.
Steve Garufi and Tanya
The one and only Tanya Nicole bought a book too. :)
Under a Triumphant Sky Book
A bunch of my books. Like the red cover? Maybe? A little? :)
Steve and Dr. Jon Westcott
Me and Dr. Jon Westcott, a former co-worker from many years ago.
Under a Triumphant Sky Book
Under a Triumphant Sky on a book stand.
Steve and Alissa
After the event, I visited Alissa who wanted her book signed.


This is a radio interview I did that promoted a book signing event in Denver. We talk a great deal about the book and what it's like to bike across America.

P.S. Buy the book here on Amazon. Go for it! :)

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