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Photo Gallery Of Colorado Scenery & Mountains Near Buena Vista, Colorado - April 17, 2010

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Colorado Scenery

The top nine photos on this page were all taken today by me, a local of Buena Vista, Colorado. In the morning, we received snowfall which blanketed our valley with a thin layer of snow. This is the view on the edge of my land. :)

I am not sure what kind of bush this is. Nothing is in bloom yet here in the mountains.

Mountain Scenery

I drove up Chaffee County Road 306, which leads to Cottonwood Pass on the Continental Divide, when the road is open. (The road is closed from approximately early November to late May, because of snow and the intensely icy and wintery weather it receives.)

Adjacent is a beautiful view of a mountain with some prominence.

Colorado Scenery
During autumn, that large aspen grove commonly lights up with beautiful colors on their leaves. :) Colorado Mountain Scenery
The view of Rainbow Lake from the road. The lake is privately owned and the photo does not show the many cabins and lodge that travelers and vacationers stay at. I have never stayed at the Rainbow Lake Resort, but I've heard some people speak of positive lodging experiences there. Colorado Scenery
Traveling inside the canyon near Cottonwood Hot Springs. Colorado Scenery

Young Bighorn Sheep There is a particular section on Chaffee County Road 306 where young bighorn sheep are commonly seen. On my drive today, they were on the edge of the road.
Young Bighorn Sheep A closer shot of five of them!
Young Bighorn Sheep This young bighorn was definitely scared of me in that moment.
Young Bighorn Sheep Two young bighorns stand in the middle of the road. :)

More Colorado Scenery
For my Colorado photography standards, the photos above were not that impressive. They are good, but nothing to go hog wild about. And so below are four random Colorado scenery shots that will give you some "bang for your buck!" Mt. Princeton
A stunning shot as I climbed Mt. Princeton in August 2009. The people provide perspective over the immensity of the mountain. Notice the faint line on the left - that is the standard trail route to the top of Mt. Princeton for hikers.

The pointed peak in the center is Tigger Peak. The altitude is 13,000+ feet at the top. Mt. Princeton's summit was above me and at my back. The distinct valley in the background is the Arkansas River Valley in Chaffee County, and the towns of Nathrop and Salida can be seen if you know where to look.

Colorado Scenery
This forest is located inside South Cottonwood Canyon. (Photo taken April 2009.)
Colorado Scenery
Standing on the top of Mt. Sneffels, this is the amazing view of the San Juan Mountains. Look at all of those peaks! This mountainous region is located in southwest Colorado, with the towns of Ouray, Durango, Telluride and Silverton as popular vacation destinations.
Colorado Rainbow
Not from from my home in Buena Vista, Colorado, I once captured a full rainbow on my birthday in September 2006. Enjoy my rainbow photo gallery if you wish. :)