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A Weekend in Downtown Denver

(Colorado Rockies Game, Denver Zoo, Photos of Downtown Denver Skyscrapers) - July 27-29, 2007

Colorado Rockies Ticket
Colorado Rockies Game

My parents were in downtown Denver this weekend and here's a modest photographic tribute to our time. I think the highlight for all of us was watching the Colorado Rockies defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers at Coors Field on Sunday.

Baseball Diamond
Coors Field
Coors Field is definitely a really pretty ballpark. The bottom photo was our view from Section 207 in rightfield. Honestly, the view was decent and that photo doesn't do it justice.
Coors Field Capturing in-action photos was somewhat challenging. I did, however, capture the Dodgers leftfielder catching this line drive.
Pretzel Coors Field Baseball stadium pretzels rock the house! :)
Bottom: The view of centerfield before the game started.
Colorado Rockies Game
Coors Field
Coors Field
Three more photos of the Rockies and Dodgers in play.
Colorado Rockies Scoreboard
Yankees vs. Orioles
The final score was Rockies 9, Dodgers 6 with Ubaldo Jiménez earning his first career victory. Way to go!

Also, it was particularly nice to see that the Yankees won and Boston lost that day. ;)

Coors Field One nice shot of my parents and I.
Coors Field House Rules Ah ... the Coors Field House Rules!

I must say, as someone who has attending numerous New York Yankees games during my younger years, I was very impressed with the family friendly atmosphere at Coors Field.

The Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo Elephant Denver Zoo Birds Just a few photos from the Denver Zoo.

Other zoos I've visited:

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (2007)
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (2003)
  • Hyenas The hyenas were awesome! :)

    Walking Around Downtown Denver
    16th Street Mall We stayed at a hotel located right on the 16th Street Mall, and I did my best to capture some night shots.
    Downtown Denver Downtown Denver A couple of tall building views.
    Steeple The top part of the historic Daniels and Fisher Tower built in 1909. It was Denver's first skyscraper back then!
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